Friday, August 31, 2012

The Death of Scrapbooks Etc. (Part 2)

On August 17, 2012 I told you about Scrapbooks Etc was closing it's doors forever.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I hoped it was some kind of awful prank.  Maybe they weren't really going away.  Sadly, our worst fears have come true.  Scrapbooks Etc magazine is gone!

The conformation they were really gone came two days ago with a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and letter.  The letter basically said Scrapbooks Etc was gone and that our subscription would be completed with the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  They try soften the blow by offering 6 free issues.  The letter went on to explain we could have a cook book and a whole extra year for only $6.  Sadly, Better Homes and Gardens was a disappointment and not even worth $6 for an extra year.

Susy and I our looking around for a new scrapbook magazine to subscribe to.  If there is a scrapbook magazine that you love, let us know we would love to check it out.  Also, how do you feel about your subscription switch?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adirondack Alcohol Inks: When Warning Labels Go Too Far

Disclaimer:  Do not take this post to mean you should ignore the Adirondack Alcohol Ink warning label or any other warning labels.  Warning labels are put on products to protect you and keep you safe and should be fallowed.

We have all seen a few crazy warning labels on products and now Adirondack Alcohol Inks can be added to the list.

Susy and I have seen people use Adirondack Alcohol Inks on YouTube for years.  The inks always looked really cool, but being cheap we didn't run out and buy them.  This past weekend we couldn't resist and we got some for ourselves.  They are really cool, but the warnings go a bit to far.

Warnings from Back of Package

1) Do not get on skin or clothing (It's ink my guess is it would stain them)

2) Keep away from flame or sparks (It's alcohol ink and alcohol burns.)

3)  Keep out of reach of children  (It's poisonous and you don't want poisoned children or stained carpets so that makes since.)

4) Do not swallow (Who is going to think ink is made to drink and would they read the warning label?)

3) Do not get in eyes (Who was going to use it to change there eye color?)

4) Do not smoke (Come on now, if some one has to be told not to smoke this I doubt they read the warning label)

5) Use in well-ventilated area ( I guess the fumes are really bad for you)

Now the really fun ones.............................

6 & 7) Wear Safety Glasses and Chemical Resistant Gloves when using. 

I've watched the Ranger/Tim Holtz demos Adirondack Alcohol Inks several times on YouTube.  This video was uploaded by RangerInd and yet they didn't make Tim Holtz wear rubber gloves and protective glasses for the video.  I didn't even see a fan blowing to keep those fumes away from him,

I am left with one of two conclusions:

1) Ranger knows that their warning labels go way to far and don't even fallow them themselves!


2) Ranger is trying to hurt Tim Holtz!  Maybe we should all write Tim and warn him of Rangers insidious plot to stain his fingers, get dangerous ink in his eyes, and have him breath harmful fumes.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pictures from Hurricane Isaac

When Hurricane Isaac hit our home it was more of a storm then a hurricane.  Still it was bad enough to knock out our power for a few hours. 

With few reasons to avoid working on the house I did some dishes by candle light.  I finished, but the power did not come back on.  So I went on a walk.  I got some really great pictures.  Susy doesn't want to make a hurricane scrapbook page, but we might make one with the ducks. Tomorrow, the topic is back to scrapbooking.  I'm going to talk about the ridiculous warnings on the back of Adirondack Alcohol Inks.  Feel free to share or use any of my pictures.  Just mention that they came from this blog.

Happy Scrapbooking.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Weather Outside is Fightful...

Hi from not so sunny south Florida.

We have Hurricane Isaac off the west cost of Florida right now.  The weather isn't actually very frightful, but it has been bad enough to knock out our power.

In the next few days look for updates complete with pictures of what it looks like outside.  It's not that impressive I actually got a picture of some young ducks.  Who knows maybe we will make a scrapbook page about the Hurricane.  

Until power comes back we will not be able to watch our emails closely or answer any live chat questions to the store.   We lost power with chat marked is live and now have no way to say we are not available for chat.  I'm sorry to anyone who tries to talk with us and finds we do not answer.

I hope you are all having a better day then us and that you do not live in the path of Isaac.

Update: I wrote this post yesterday.  Since then the weather has cleared up and we have power again!

In other BIG NEWS:

We have lowered our shipping prices at the store.  Orders of less then $5.00 now ship for $3.50 to the U.S.  instead of $5.99 like they did in the past.  We wanted to make buying a few papers more affordable.  It could easily cost you more then $3.50 in gas money to drive to the craft store and back.

Orders from $5.01 to $49.99 still ship to the U.S for $5.99 and all orders over $50.00 still ship free to the U.S.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Favorite Storage Solution

It's a shame, but sometimes great scrapbook products are never seen by many scrapbookers!  Generations Sticker Saver is one such product.When we found these great storage devices we were amazed and ordered tons of them for ourselves.

At the same time period in our lives Susy and I were making and selling scrapbook layouts and mat sets on eBay.  However, we loved these sticker savers so much, we bought even more to sell on eBay.  All our eBay fans loved them and they sold like hot cakes.  There came a day though when we decided eBay was not for us anymore and we stopped selling there.  We still have a small stack of these wonderful sticker and accessory storage items left over from our eBay days.

Today Generations Sticker Savers are very hard to find.  I couldn't find a single store online that sells them.  Even their manufactures website is down.  It's my guess that we have the last remaining unopened packages of this wonderful product.  

On our August 20, 2012 post we showed off our scrapbook room.  In the video we quickly show you our personal scrapbook storage system for our papers and stickers.  However, it's a quick 30 seconds without explanation of what's inside our storage scrapbooks.  One of the things you see in our storage scrapbooks is the Generations Sticker Saver.  I've made new video that details how Sticker Saver's work and how much they hold.  Check it out!

If this is the storage solution you've been looking for reply to this post and we will gladly put them in our store.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

West Palm Beach Scrapbook Expo

If you have never been lucky enough to attend a Scrapbook Expo event, they are a lot of fun.  There are always tons of stores at the Expo and lots of good deals to be found.  Of course, there are also many stores charging full price for the same items on sale at the store next door, so it helps to be a smart shopper.

Susy and I have not brought the Everything 4 Scrapbooking store to an Expo event yet, but we look forward to doing that in the future.  In the mean time, we love going to the Expo is shoppers/window shoppers and looking around.

2012 Orlando Scrapbook Expo
It's become a tradition to attend both the Orlando, FL. and West Palm Beach, FL. Expo shows.  We look forward to it for months in advance.  Actually for the last Scrapbook Expo Susy tried to get us tickets very early.  They emailed us back that although they were glad we were so excited they weren't for sale yet.  Yeah, we can get a little carried away!

This brings me to the subject of today's post.  The West Palm Beach Expo is almost here.  It's on September 14th and 15th.  It goes with out saying that Susy and I will be there at 9am opening on the 14th.  If you are attending we might just bump into each other and get to say Hi.

While at the expo we are going to attend the CHA 2012 Product Review.  We were not lucky enough to go to CHA this year and look forward to seeing all the new products and learning about new scrapbook brands.  It's only $25 and you get to learn lots of cool stuff plus get $40 worth of product.  We are going to use what we learn to make our store even better for you.

It's all going to all be so much fun.  We really hope to bump see some of our online friends at the show.  So, If you see Susy or me come say Hi.  It would really make our days.

Happy Scrapbooking!

We are in no way associated with the scrapbook expo and were not paid to make this post.  We just really love there shows.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Favicons the Pixel Pictures

Do you like our flower picture in the address bar?  It's called a Favicon.  I have spent the last few days trying to make it look great.  I'm not going to bore you with all the details, after all this is a scrapbook blog.  The short and sweet of it: you have to color the picture pixel by pixel.  It's not that easy or that fun.  But we are happy with the end result.

If you have a blog or website and would like to know how to make your very own favicon just post a reply or email me and I'll be more then glad to help out.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thinking Inside The Box with Storage

Creative ways to store your scrapbook supplies are always fun and cute, but they are not always best.  Sadly sometimes you need a box.  Don't be fooled into thinking that you should buy one of the many run of the mill scrapbook storage boxes that are sold in the craft stores.

Large craft storage boxes come in two verities.  Both of which Susy and I have made the mistake of buying in the past

Option 1: Classic snap top, 12x12x3 hard plastic case
     Upside:  It's durable
     Downsides: It's expensive($10), ugly, and relatively small at only 3 inches tall

See how the one on the right is bending?
Option 2: Flimsy snap together plastic storage boxes with lids

     Upside: cheap(a few dollars) and can easily be found in sizes 6 or more inches tall

     Downside: very flimsy thus not ideal for storing heavy things like paper

It's time for a new option:

Find your own box.  This is easier said then done.  Susy and I searched many stores looking for a cute affordable box that was sturdy enough to hold a lot of paper.

Eventually we found this wooden box from Ikea.  We plan to stain it to match the craft room decor.  The box is 14.5x12.5x12.5 and easily carries the 35+ pounds of paper we have in it.  What did it cost?  Only $6 at Ikea. 

The moral of the story.  Get out of the Big Box Craft Stores.  Explore your world.  All boxes may do the same thing, but they are not all created equal.  Those chain scrapbook stores don't have your best interest at heart.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box with Storage

Storage is bigger part of scrapbooking then any would guess when they start the hobby.  It is so easy to collect scrapbook treasures, but then the question comes where do I put them.  Almost all the brick and mortar hobby stores sell plastic containers to put your supplies in.  However, they are both expensive and ugly.  Today I'm going to share a storage solution with you that will not only save you money, but will make your scrapbook room look even cuter!

Don't get caught in the scrapbook box mentality.  Items do not to have the word scrapbook stamped on them to be useful in scrapbook supply storage.

For is long is we have collected scrapbook flowers, "we have wondered what do we do with these."  Keeping them in the little glass jars they come in just takes up to much space.  I'm ashamed to say at one point we kept them in a cheap ugly plastic scrapbook supply storage box, because we didn't know where else to put them.  But when we go out shopping we are always on the look out for cute storage ideas and finally we found one.

While at Marshals, a discount department store, we found a large wood and glass container.  It was on sale for only $6 and we both loved it.  So we stood there and talked about what on earth we could use it for.  After a minute light bulbs lit over both our heads.  Flowers come in small glass containers because it's cute.  What if we were to put all our flowers in this large 17 inch tall glass container.  So we purchased it and couldn't be happier with the result.  It is both cute and with the large lid very easy to search through.

Sometimes the cutest, cheapest, and best storage solutions for your scrapbook room weren't made for scrapbook storage at all.  When you go shopping think about your storage needs and keep an open mind.  You may be surprised what you find.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waist Not Want Not

Scrapbooking can be expensive.  Luckily, there are many ways to save money both by bring creative and knowing where to shop.  However, the subject of today's post is waist not want not.   Over the years how much "white cardstock" have you taken out of the page protectors of your new scrapbooks? 

Don't throw this paper away!  Keep it, because you would be surprised how often it comes in handy.

What are you going to use it on you may ask.   After all, it's white low quality paper.  The kind of paper that is not very likely to make your scrapbook.  There are actually many uses for it.

Use 1: Glue other cute papers to it.  Sometimes a cute paper just isn't thick enough for use in a card or pop-up embellishment, but gluing it to a different paper can give you the strength you need.

Use 2: A splatter paper for when you stamp or spray inks

Use 3: Cut it into things like snowflakes and clouds to use in your layouts

Use 4: Ink or chalk it then use your new creation in your layout.

Use 5: Sketch layouts on it.

Use 6: Do practice cuts on cricut tell you get the size right

Use 7: Stamp on it to see how a ink and stamp combo looks before stamping your pretty paper

Just let your imagination lead the way and you will find countless things to use this boring white thin paper on.

This tag was made with paper that we used to keep our desk clean from the photo above.  Even after you get ink all over it, it doesn't have to be trash.  With a little love it can be transformed into a cute tag that you look forward to using.

There are many uses for what can look like trash at first.  I hope this inspired you to find ways to save money when you scrapbook.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ribbon Trees: A Creative Storage Solution

Scrapbookers tend to gather tons of supplies.  The problem comes when we have to find a way to store them all.  I have read countless articles on ways to store your scrapbook supplies and seen a lot of good ideas.  Ribbon/button trees are one of my favorites.

Ribbon Trees are easy to make, store way more then you would think, look cute in your scrapbook room, and allow you to easily see all your ribbons.  Find out how you can make your very own.

You will need:

1: heavy glass or vase
1: small bag of sea glass
1: round wooden stick 1/4 inch across found in craft stores
1: 4 inch styrofoam ball
1: 3 inch styrofoam ball
1: bag of sea glass
1: pack of clear resin for silk flowers
1: pack of decorative sewing pins
and some ribbon scraps

Step 1:

Cut your wooden stick to 20 inches in height.  Adjust height depending on the size of your cup and the height you want you tree to be.

Step 2:

Hold your stick straight up in the middle of the glass and fill in some sea glass around it to hold it straight up.  If you have a level you should use it here because it's important that the stick stands straight up.  Do not use all your sea glass.

Step 3:

Mix your resin is the packages instructs you.  When ready, pour it into your glass on top of the sea glass.  Keep pouring until it gets to near the top of level of sea glass.

Step 4:

Make sure the stick goes straight up then allow the resin to dry for as long as your package instructs.

Step 5:

Add more sea glass on top of your dried resin.

Step 6:

Holding the stick steady push the stick through then center of the larger of the two styrofoam balls.  Keep pushing until you get the ball to a height you like.  Then add the smaller of the two balls to the top of the poll being careful not to push the stick all the way through it. 

If you have trouble pushing the stick through you can always buy a separate stick(the same size) to pre-push holes in your balls before sliding them over the stick in your glass.

Step 7:

Tie small ribbon scraps around the stick to hide it.  You can always add more ribbon scraps with time.

Step 8:

For a ribbon tree loosely roll your ribbon then stick a pin through it and into the styrofoam ball.  Group the ribbons together closely so you can't see the ball.

For a button tree stack similar buttons onto of each other then stick a pin though them and into your styrofoam ball.  

Note: with the button tree small bits of the ball will show.  You could paint paint the ball if you want. 

Warning it can take a lot of paint and you can not use normal spray paint.  We did not paint ours.

Step 9:

Have fun looking at your new cute ribbon or button tree.

Note:  These trees hold a deceptively large amount of ribbon and buttons.  My wife and I were shocked when we didn't have enough to cover the two trees we made.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Magical Place

Once upon a time,

A princess and her prince loved to scrapbook, but had nowhere to do it.  They would store their treasure of scrapbooking supplies in their bedroom.  The real problem came when they had to drag the supplies out of the bedroom and then put them away after every craft session.

Is their scrapbook treasure grew and grew in size it started to become harder and harder to store.  Not to mention the increasing large amounts of supplies that were now being carried by the box back and forth.

Something had to be done!  We asked ourselves, "Do we really need the dinning room?"  The answer was easy.   Nope, not if it meant we got a scrapbook room.  We do not have many people over and tend to eat in the living room making it a easy choice.

Our scrapbook room may not be magic, but it can seems magical. Who doesn't like to sit down relax and grab a few papers. And with a few waves of some magic scissors there you have a brand new creation. Ok, it's a little more complex then, that but you get the idea.

In the coming days I will talk much more about the details of storage methods you see whizz by the camera in this video.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Death of Scrapbooks Etc.

Scrapbooks Etc. is dead! 

Susy and I have enjoyed receiving Scrapbooks Etc. and we're both shocked and saddened to hear it is going away.   We have been loyal subscribers since 2009.  I'm sure many of you also love this publication.  The news is confusing as they has been a long time leader in the scrapbooking world.  Although it is less than crystal clear it would seem will also be closing in the coming weeks.

Even worse many of us were never told by the magazine that it was gone.  I have a feeling most people are going to be shocked when their next  issue never shows up.  A week ago I heard that they would be be switching all subscriptions to a different craft magazine that they publish.  However I can no longer find that information.  The whole thing has been handled very badly.

Why is the magazine closing if it's an industry leader?  Good question I wish I could tell you the answer.  Meredith Corporation the owners of Scrapbooks Ect. had the fallowing to say at the Scrapbooks Ect. blog.

"Meredith Corporation has made the difficult decision to close Scrapbooks etc. effective with the August 2012 issue. Scrapbooks etc. has been the longtime brand leader within the scrapbooking industry, but due to the longer term business forecast for the franchise and the industry, the corporation has chosen to cease publishing within this marketplace."

They go on to say " website will support the print issue throughout this time period as well."  This makes it sound like the website will go down when the last print publication leaves store shelves.

I understand that the magazine industry is having a hard time.  I will never understand the closing of Scrapbooks Ect. web page.  The site was doing very well.  According to their website.  It receives 230,000 unique visitors a month and has 3.4 million page views per month.  By my math even at the lowest possible ad rates is pulling in $226,000 per month.  Surely they could afford to keep a few writers on and keep the site up.  However, it would seem for some reason they have chosen not to.

For questions about your subscription e-mail

I would like to thank D Sharon Pruittfor use of her photo that captures how so many of us feel.

and the scrapbooks ect facebook page

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to make this banner

Did you notice our brand new banner at the top of the blog?  It was made yesterday out of paper from our scraps pile.  It would work great for a page title.  I will list the colors I used, but the ones you use will depend on what scraps you have.  Be creative and have fun.  If you want to email a picture of your interpretation of this banner I would happily post it. 

Step one:

Go to your paper scraps pile and find a dark purple cardstock, a light green cardstock, a light pink paper, a light green patterned paper.

Step two:

Cut your dark purple cardstock to 9 x 3.25 inches.

Step three:

Cut your light green cardstock to 8.5 x 2.75 inches

You could now put them on top of each other and have a 1/4 inch border that looks like this.  Do not glue or tape these two pieces together.

Step 4:

On the back of your pink paper draw a line 1.5 inches tall.  Put a mark on that line 1/2 inch from the top.  Make a mark 1/2 inch to the right and 1/2 inch to the left of it.  At the base of the line make a mark 1/4 inch to the right and one 1/4 inch to the left of it.  This is one of those times when a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Step 5:

Connect the dots. 

Then cut out the flower petals. 

Now trace the petal you cut out to make 10 petals in all. 

Finally cut them all out.

I made 12 just in case I messed some up.

Step 6:

There are a million tools for punching and cutting circles. This is only the way I did it. 

On the back of your green patterned paper measure 1 inch out from the corner and put a mark on the edge of the paper.  Now make a mark 1 inch out from the same corner and put it on the other edge.  Repeat the process in a different corner of the paper.  Take a 3 inch circle punch and flip it upside down so you can see while you punch.    Line your marks up with the edge of the punch and punch it.  Repeat.  Ink the edges of all your cut pieces.  I used ColorBox Pink on the flower petals and ColorBox FreshGreen on the curved part of the flower centers you just cut.

Step 7:

Being careful not to place your petals out farther then center of the flower will cover(1 inch from the corner).  Take two petals and and affix them to the green paper them with a slight angle between them. I used a Elmer's Craft bond glue stick.

Step 8:

Add 3 more petals.  One between the two you just placed and 1 on either side of them.  Then repeat on the opposite corner.

Step 9:

Flip it over and cut off the petals where they overhang the edge of the green paper.  Then ink the edges of the paper.  I used Dew Drop Pearlescent Poppy.

Step 10:

Using 3D Foam Square adhesives add the flower centers. 
Add any title and embellishments to the banner that you want.  (I added a metal dragonfly.  I left the text blank for now.  Everything 4 Scrapbooking seen on our banner in this blog was added using Microsoft Paint.)

Use 3D Foam Square adhesives to affix your paper with the flowers to the purple cardstock.

This is a little complicated to explain.  I hope when my words were not clear the pictures were.

Happy Scrapbooking

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Honeymoon Scrapbook (Part 2)

The second half of the scrapbook is more fun.  I'm going to focus on a few interesting pages in the second half.

This page is neat mostly for the memories.  I still remember taking these pictures.  We were shy and to afraid to ask anyone to take our pictures.  Every other picture of us together was taken when I held the camera out in front of us and tried to take our picture.  There aren't a ton of them because I always cut off our heads. 

On the picture at the top of layout Susy cut the oval out the paper and we taped our picture behind it because I didn't want to cut the picture.  Susy does amazing things with scissors.  When I try to cut curves they never look so smooth.

Talk about a simple layout, but it's actually one of my favorite pages in this scrapbook.  Susy and I both love map paper and every time we travel we end up putting a map or map paper in our scrapbook.  This scrapbook actually ended up with two map papers in it. 

Curacao is full of history.  There are large stone forts complete with cannons that overlook the coast and you feel the old world when you visit.  What could be more perfect then an old map.  We used a sticker frame to spotlight where Curacao is.  The cool part is despite the age of the map Curacao is actually on it.

Toward the end of the scrapbook we have several layouts of the ostrich farm when visited.  This was a blast and some of the most fun we had on our honeymoon.  On the Bachelorette we expected Emily to go to many cool locations on the island with her dates.  This is truly a must see though and we we're shocked when they didn't go here.  In the layouts below you see me sitting on an ostrich, us both holding baby ostriches, and even a girl riding an ostrich.  It was so much fun and not the kind of thing you see everyday in the States.  On these pages you also see the first time that we started cutting out parts of pictures.  I'm cut out holding the baby ostrich, but if you look up on the hill near the lamb you will see a baby ostrich standing there that was also cut out.

The book ends with postcards.  That has become a tradition with our scrapbooks.  We made many memories that will last a life time on our honeymoon.  I hope you enjoyed this scrapbook.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Honeymoon Scrapbook (Part 1)

We had our honeymoon in beautiful Curacao the same location is the 2012 season season finale of the bachelorette. Susy and I were both shocked at what an injustice ABC did to the island. It's a truly beautiful place with so many more things to do and see then just swim in the ocean.

This was our second scrapbook ever and we were still learning, but we did do a few cool things in it. I still had a phobia of cutting up pictures when we made this but you will see us use the technique we showed in the Friday, August 10, 2012 post in several spots.

As the scrapbook opens you see many pictures of our plane landing in Curacao.    This was my first time on a plane, so I went a little crazy with the pictures. The shinny globe and plane on these pages was my first effort to bring bling to our scrapbooks. I've always been very pro bling and Susy  always very anti bling in our scrapbooks.  It's taking time but is I'm wearing her down.

On the next page you see the cute sun paper with bon bini in the center. Bon bini is the local language for welcome. We cut the center out of one of the suns and taped our picture behind the hole.

Nothing that exciting happens for the next few pages.  We have some pictures of our hotel and a cute double layout of pool pictures that we made with some truly cheesy paper.

A few pages later we have a layout with pansy scrapbook paper and on the page next to it we used real dried pansies for scrapbooking. We didn't have a lot of money at the time and went over our scrapbook page budget to buy them, because we thought they would looks so cute.  Over time the real flowers have completely faded.  Sadly they did not stay purple. This was the first last time that we ever used real flowers in a scrapbook. What have been your experiences with real flowers in a scrapbook?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Scrapbook Deals

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Everything 4 Scrapbooking had a few small problems over the weekend that you may not have noticed at all.  We are working quickly to resolve them.  In the mean time the store is still open and we are still taking and sending out orders.

So what happened?  Since Saturday the large web hosting company we use for our store has been having issues.  Our pictures enlarge when you hover over them, but not when you click on them.  The other issue is our deal of the day cars twill ribbon is not listed on the homepage.  However we still marked it 75% off retail for those lucky enough to find it.

I'm about to break a rule of retail here and mention the competition.  Yesterday, my wife and I went to Tuesday Morning to check out what scapbook supplies they have.  It's always fun to look around craft stores even if you own one.

The bad thing about Tuesday Morning is they have such a limited selection of scrapbook items.  Often when we go we don't see anything at all that we like.  However, from time to time we get lucky.  This was one such trip.

We both love Tim Holtz.  Sadly, we can not currently carry his line in our store because the wholesale order requirements are beyond our current sales.  When we found these great deals on Tim Holtz supplies, we wanted to share them with you all.  According to the price tags we got $30.94 worth of Tim Holtz scrapbook supplies for only $11.96 plus tax. 

Did we need any of it?  Of course not, but then I think all scrapbookers including us are kind of collectors/hoarders aren't we.  I know the Tuesday morning items can go fast.  Good luck finding them!  In the mean time, if you love getting scrapbook items on sale we currently have 319 of them.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who is Andrej Sislavcevic and Should You Care?

Andrej Sislavcevic is the new (January 2012) CEO of the Craft & Hobby Association or CHA for short.  I'm sure many of you have heard of CHA.  Long before my wife and I opened Everything 4 Scrapbooking we enjoyed watching and reading about CHA trade shows.  However, there is much more to CHA then just trade shows.  CHA is responsible for keeping the wheels of the scrapbooking industry constantly moving forward.

However, in recent years CHA hasn't been moving forward at all.  In fact, the CHA trade show before last actually had horrible attendance with many scrapbook manufactures deciding not to attend.  Low attendance trade shows means fewer new scrapbook papers and supplies on the market.  But worse then low attendance trade shows scrapbooking has been on the decline with few young people joining the hobby.  Some wondered if the scrapbooking was doomed to die a slow death.  A change was needed so the old CEO of CHA was replaced by Andrej Sislavcevic.

I was worried for all of scrapbooking when I heard about Andrej leading CHA.  Andrej is not a scrapbooker and did not know about the industry at all.  His previous job before leading CHA was CEO of the Commercial Finance Association.  "What on earth are they thinking and how is this guy going to save scrapbooking", I thought to myself.

Andrej, blissfully unaware some lacked faith in him, stepped up cape blowing in the wind behind him.  He was not shy about expressing what he wanted to change.  He wanted to develop programs that help small craft stores grow, inspire communication in the scrapbooking world, and find out what young people want to see in scrapbooking.

Andrej hit the ground running and although he knew little about scrapbooking he traveled learning all he could.  Step by step he's improving CHA.  All his work seems to have made a difference.  The last CHA trade show was a huge success and scrapbook manufactures have came up with some really great new products.  I was far to quick to judge Andrej and hope we continue to see great improvements in scrapbooking.

This article was based on many things I have read including the Jun 2012 issue of Creative Retailer.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Camera Shy?

Today I made an easy how to scrapbook video.  However, making the video was anything but easy.

The story of this video starts with the idea.  When we woke up an idea popped in my head.  I told Susy I'm going to make a video about using templates to make cute picture shapes.  I had never seen a scrapbook video that shows how to do this.  She replied, "that's a horrible idea".  I got the strong feeling Susy believed this video was to simple and also a little stupid.  However, she's supportive and said if I wanted to make the video I was free to.

This was my first time in front of the camera on YouTube and I was needless to say a little camera shy.  How many people were going to see me and say "oh my he looks stupid" I thought to myself.  I know deep in my heart how nice the scrapbook community is, but still I worried.  Facing  my fears, I set up the camera on a tripod and started filming.  Time after time I did something I just didn't like or the phone would ring and I would start over.

My fear of being in front of the camera and the constant interruptions were just the start of my problems.  It is actually incredibly hard to demonstrate scrapbooking with one hand and film with the other.

Eventually I did get the three shots I wanted to get.  Now I only had to do some small cuts and then splice them all together.  Sounds simple enough and that's exactly what I did.  However, when I saved the file it destroyed the video and made it very blurry.  I tried again but sadly the quality came out just as bad.

If you know what I did wrong please let me know in the comments.  Hopefully, by our next video the quality will be much better.

Happy scrapbooking everyone I hope you enjoy the video

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Make Our Wedding Invitation

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday,

Wedding invitations can be very expensive to buy, but are not that hard to make even if you aren't an experienced paper crafter.  My wife and I made our invitations and we had never made a single scrapbook before.

Today I am going to show you all how we made our wedding invitations.  Seen below.

You will need the following items:

1) wavy scissors (a few dollars at craft stores and also found at Walmart and Target)
2) small decorative circle punch (around $2 at craft stores)  Ours looked like a flower
3) ribbon ($1 to $2 per roll also found at craft stores Walmart and Target)
4) floral paper 11x8.5 but you could cut down 12x12 if you want (found in craft stores less then $1 each)  We had to go to 3 different local Micheal's stores to find all the paper we needed for our cards.  We have since learned you can ask them to special order paper for you.
5) Vellum 11x8.5 (found in craft stores)
6) Resume paper or any colored paper.  We used cheap colored printer paper we had for years.
7) Premade small envelopes and cards
8) Premade large envelopes that will fit a 8.5x5.5 card plus inserts
9) pencil with eraser
10) normal scissors
11) ruler
12) glue (we used stick glue)
13) printer

You likely have many of these items around the house

Step 1:

On your computer type up what you want your wedding invitation to look like.  You can find many examples of ways to type these online.  It all depends on the style and formality of your wedding.  Make sure the text is facing at a 90 degree angle to the way text normal face when you type it.  You can do this in the settings of your typing program.  Use center text to make sure it all ends up in the middle of the paper.  I hope all that is clear I'm not the best with computers.

Step 2:
Print it out on normal printer paper to make sure it looks correct.  Fix anything that needs fixed and print it out again tell it looks correct.

Step 3:

Load the paper that will be on the inside of your invitations and print them out.

Step 4:

With stick glue, glue your floral paper to the back of your newly printed invitations.  The floral print and the typed portions should be on the outsides when they are glued together.  Use a ruler to smooth out any bubbles in the glue.

Step 5:

Take a 11x8.5 piece of thick paper and make yourself a template.  On the 11 inch side measure 2.75 inches from either end and draw a line across the paper dividing it into 3 sections.  On the the two smaller sections draw a curve that touches both ends.  Then cut along the curve.  We used the curve of one of our kitchen plates and traced it, but any large curved items will work to trace.  Then using scissors cut your template along the curved lines.  Sorry for my bad drawings.

Step 6:

After the papers you made in step 4 are dry use the template you just made and a pencil to very lightly trace the curved edges onto your them using a pencil.  Then using decorative scissors cut just inside the curved edge you drew.  Finally erase any pencil markings you find.

Step 7:

Again using your template fold the invitations so that the floral sides of the curved edges almost touch when fold in toward each other.  You should be left with something that looks like this.  We used a ruler for crisp folds, but a bone folder would work even better if you have one.

Step 8:

Using the whole punch punch two wholes across from each other is seen in the picture above.

Step 9:

Find wedding wedding bells.  We got ours off a sheet of scrapbook paper we purchased, but I'm sure you can find examples online.  Copy the wedding bells onto a word document and place two again a 90 degree angle.  They should be placed so that each will be in the center of the paper after it is cut in half.  Set your printer to print very lightly so you get a shadowed effect.  Print some examples on normal printer paper and when you get it right print them out on velum.  Print one sheet on vellum first just to make sure you don't have any problems before you mass print them all.  After you print the vellum and cut it in half you should be left with something that looks like the next picture.

Step 10:

Cut your ribbon into long lengths.  We cut ours to 16 inches.  But when we made these we didn't have a ruler that long and simply cut a long piece of ribbon.  Made sure it would work to tie a bow we liked.  Then used that ribbon to measure out enough ribbons for all our invitations.

Step 11:

Put the Vellum on top of the text.  Put the ribbon though your punched wholes and tie a bow.  Hold the two ends of the ribbon together and cut them at an angle for a clean professional look.  Your invitations should now look like this.

Step 12:

Type all needed text for your address and the address of the people you are sending wedding invitations to and print them on your envelopes.  Note we had to tape our small envelopes down to printer paper to get our printer to print on them.

 Step 13:

Print the family names on your RSVP cards(small cards with envelopes you purchased).  Print the names of the people in that family and a place for them to say if they are attending or not and glue that to the inside of the RSVP card.  Cut out a flower from the same paper you used on the invitations and glue it to the outside of the RSVP cards.

Step 14:

Make and print out any other inserts you want like a list of hotels or directions.

Step 15: 

Put a insert in your envelopes if you want to to make them pretty.  That's a whole different how to project, but you can find out how on YouTube if you want to do this.

Step 16: 

Stuff your envelopes and mail them.

I hope you find this helpful.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking,