Monday, August 20, 2012

A Magical Place

Once upon a time,

A princess and her prince loved to scrapbook, but had nowhere to do it.  They would store their treasure of scrapbooking supplies in their bedroom.  The real problem came when they had to drag the supplies out of the bedroom and then put them away after every craft session.

Is their scrapbook treasure grew and grew in size it started to become harder and harder to store.  Not to mention the increasing large amounts of supplies that were now being carried by the box back and forth.

Something had to be done!  We asked ourselves, "Do we really need the dinning room?"  The answer was easy.   Nope, not if it meant we got a scrapbook room.  We do not have many people over and tend to eat in the living room making it a easy choice.

Our scrapbook room may not be magic, but it can seems magical. Who doesn't like to sit down relax and grab a few papers. And with a few waves of some magic scissors there you have a brand new creation. Ok, it's a little more complex then, that but you get the idea.

In the coming days I will talk much more about the details of storage methods you see whizz by the camera in this video.

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