Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adirondack Alcohol Inks: When Warning Labels Go Too Far

Disclaimer:  Do not take this post to mean you should ignore the Adirondack Alcohol Ink warning label or any other warning labels.  Warning labels are put on products to protect you and keep you safe and should be fallowed.

We have all seen a few crazy warning labels on products and now Adirondack Alcohol Inks can be added to the list.

Susy and I have seen people use Adirondack Alcohol Inks on YouTube for years.  The inks always looked really cool, but being cheap we didn't run out and buy them.  This past weekend we couldn't resist and we got some for ourselves.  They are really cool, but the warnings go a bit to far.

Warnings from Back of Package

1) Do not get on skin or clothing (It's ink my guess is it would stain them)

2) Keep away from flame or sparks (It's alcohol ink and alcohol burns.)

3)  Keep out of reach of children  (It's poisonous and you don't want poisoned children or stained carpets so that makes since.)

4) Do not swallow (Who is going to think ink is made to drink and would they read the warning label?)

3) Do not get in eyes (Who was going to use it to change there eye color?)

4) Do not smoke (Come on now, if some one has to be told not to smoke this I doubt they read the warning label)

5) Use in well-ventilated area ( I guess the fumes are really bad for you)

Now the really fun ones.............................

6 & 7) Wear Safety Glasses and Chemical Resistant Gloves when using. 

I've watched the Ranger/Tim Holtz demos Adirondack Alcohol Inks several times on YouTube.  This video was uploaded by RangerInd and yet they didn't make Tim Holtz wear rubber gloves and protective glasses for the video.  I didn't even see a fan blowing to keep those fumes away from him,

I am left with one of two conclusions:

1) Ranger knows that their warning labels go way to far and don't even fallow them themselves!


2) Ranger is trying to hurt Tim Holtz!  Maybe we should all write Tim and warn him of Rangers insidious plot to stain his fingers, get dangerous ink in his eyes, and have him breath harmful fumes.

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  1. Warning labels aren't for us, it's to protect the company from these idiots who do put it in their eyes and drink it lol. They're required to put it on the package in case one of them tries to sue. If it's on the package, the consumer is held responsible for reading and following the warnings. I agree though, this one goes way too far!