Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Honeymoon Scrapbook (Part 2)

The second half of the scrapbook is more fun.  I'm going to focus on a few interesting pages in the second half.

This page is neat mostly for the memories.  I still remember taking these pictures.  We were shy and to afraid to ask anyone to take our pictures.  Every other picture of us together was taken when I held the camera out in front of us and tried to take our picture.  There aren't a ton of them because I always cut off our heads. 

On the picture at the top of layout Susy cut the oval out the paper and we taped our picture behind it because I didn't want to cut the picture.  Susy does amazing things with scissors.  When I try to cut curves they never look so smooth.

Talk about a simple layout, but it's actually one of my favorite pages in this scrapbook.  Susy and I both love map paper and every time we travel we end up putting a map or map paper in our scrapbook.  This scrapbook actually ended up with two map papers in it. 

Curacao is full of history.  There are large stone forts complete with cannons that overlook the coast and you feel the old world when you visit.  What could be more perfect then an old map.  We used a sticker frame to spotlight where Curacao is.  The cool part is despite the age of the map Curacao is actually on it.

Toward the end of the scrapbook we have several layouts of the ostrich farm when visited.  This was a blast and some of the most fun we had on our honeymoon.  On the Bachelorette we expected Emily to go to many cool locations on the island with her dates.  This is truly a must see though and we we're shocked when they didn't go here.  In the layouts below you see me sitting on an ostrich, us both holding baby ostriches, and even a girl riding an ostrich.  It was so much fun and not the kind of thing you see everyday in the States.  On these pages you also see the first time that we started cutting out parts of pictures.  I'm cut out holding the baby ostrich, but if you look up on the hill near the lamb you will see a baby ostrich standing there that was also cut out.

The book ends with postcards.  That has become a tradition with our scrapbooks.  We made many memories that will last a life time on our honeymoon.  I hope you enjoyed this scrapbook.

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