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How to Make Our Wedding Invitation

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Wedding invitations can be very expensive to buy, but are not that hard to make even if you aren't an experienced paper crafter.  My wife and I made our invitations and we had never made a single scrapbook before.

Today I am going to show you all how we made our wedding invitations.  Seen below.

You will need the following items:

1) wavy scissors (a few dollars at craft stores and also found at Walmart and Target)
2) small decorative circle punch (around $2 at craft stores)  Ours looked like a flower
3) ribbon ($1 to $2 per roll also found at craft stores Walmart and Target)
4) floral paper 11x8.5 but you could cut down 12x12 if you want (found in craft stores less then $1 each)  We had to go to 3 different local Micheal's stores to find all the paper we needed for our cards.  We have since learned you can ask them to special order paper for you.
5) Vellum 11x8.5 (found in craft stores)
6) Resume paper or any colored paper.  We used cheap colored printer paper we had for years.
7) Premade small envelopes and cards
8) Premade large envelopes that will fit a 8.5x5.5 card plus inserts
9) pencil with eraser
10) normal scissors
11) ruler
12) glue (we used stick glue)
13) printer

You likely have many of these items around the house

Step 1:

On your computer type up what you want your wedding invitation to look like.  You can find many examples of ways to type these online.  It all depends on the style and formality of your wedding.  Make sure the text is facing at a 90 degree angle to the way text normal face when you type it.  You can do this in the settings of your typing program.  Use center text to make sure it all ends up in the middle of the paper.  I hope all that is clear I'm not the best with computers.

Step 2:
Print it out on normal printer paper to make sure it looks correct.  Fix anything that needs fixed and print it out again tell it looks correct.

Step 3:

Load the paper that will be on the inside of your invitations and print them out.

Step 4:

With stick glue, glue your floral paper to the back of your newly printed invitations.  The floral print and the typed portions should be on the outsides when they are glued together.  Use a ruler to smooth out any bubbles in the glue.

Step 5:

Take a 11x8.5 piece of thick paper and make yourself a template.  On the 11 inch side measure 2.75 inches from either end and draw a line across the paper dividing it into 3 sections.  On the the two smaller sections draw a curve that touches both ends.  Then cut along the curve.  We used the curve of one of our kitchen plates and traced it, but any large curved items will work to trace.  Then using scissors cut your template along the curved lines.  Sorry for my bad drawings.

Step 6:

After the papers you made in step 4 are dry use the template you just made and a pencil to very lightly trace the curved edges onto your them using a pencil.  Then using decorative scissors cut just inside the curved edge you drew.  Finally erase any pencil markings you find.

Step 7:

Again using your template fold the invitations so that the floral sides of the curved edges almost touch when fold in toward each other.  You should be left with something that looks like this.  We used a ruler for crisp folds, but a bone folder would work even better if you have one.

Step 8:

Using the whole punch punch two wholes across from each other is seen in the picture above.

Step 9:

Find wedding wedding bells.  We got ours off a sheet of scrapbook paper we purchased, but I'm sure you can find examples online.  Copy the wedding bells onto a word document and place two again a 90 degree angle.  They should be placed so that each will be in the center of the paper after it is cut in half.  Set your printer to print very lightly so you get a shadowed effect.  Print some examples on normal printer paper and when you get it right print them out on velum.  Print one sheet on vellum first just to make sure you don't have any problems before you mass print them all.  After you print the vellum and cut it in half you should be left with something that looks like the next picture.

Step 10:

Cut your ribbon into long lengths.  We cut ours to 16 inches.  But when we made these we didn't have a ruler that long and simply cut a long piece of ribbon.  Made sure it would work to tie a bow we liked.  Then used that ribbon to measure out enough ribbons for all our invitations.

Step 11:

Put the Vellum on top of the text.  Put the ribbon though your punched wholes and tie a bow.  Hold the two ends of the ribbon together and cut them at an angle for a clean professional look.  Your invitations should now look like this.

Step 12:

Type all needed text for your address and the address of the people you are sending wedding invitations to and print them on your envelopes.  Note we had to tape our small envelopes down to printer paper to get our printer to print on them.

 Step 13:

Print the family names on your RSVP cards(small cards with envelopes you purchased).  Print the names of the people in that family and a place for them to say if they are attending or not and glue that to the inside of the RSVP card.  Cut out a flower from the same paper you used on the invitations and glue it to the outside of the RSVP cards.

Step 14:

Make and print out any other inserts you want like a list of hotels or directions.

Step 15: 

Put a insert in your envelopes if you want to to make them pretty.  That's a whole different how to project, but you can find out how on YouTube if you want to do this.

Step 16: 

Stuff your envelopes and mail them.

I hope you find this helpful.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking,

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