Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Scrapbook Deals

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Everything 4 Scrapbooking had a few small problems over the weekend that you may not have noticed at all.  We are working quickly to resolve them.  In the mean time the store is still open and we are still taking and sending out orders.

So what happened?  Since Saturday the large web hosting company we use for our store has been having issues.  Our pictures enlarge when you hover over them, but not when you click on them.  The other issue is our deal of the day cars twill ribbon is not listed on the homepage.  However we still marked it 75% off retail for those lucky enough to find it.

I'm about to break a rule of retail here and mention the competition.  Yesterday, my wife and I went to Tuesday Morning to check out what scapbook supplies they have.  It's always fun to look around craft stores even if you own one.

The bad thing about Tuesday Morning is they have such a limited selection of scrapbook items.  Often when we go we don't see anything at all that we like.  However, from time to time we get lucky.  This was one such trip.

We both love Tim Holtz.  Sadly, we can not currently carry his line in our store because the wholesale order requirements are beyond our current sales.  When we found these great deals on Tim Holtz supplies, we wanted to share them with you all.  According to the price tags we got $30.94 worth of Tim Holtz scrapbook supplies for only $11.96 plus tax. 

Did we need any of it?  Of course not, but then I think all scrapbookers including us are kind of collectors/hoarders aren't we.  I know the Tuesday morning items can go fast.  Good luck finding them!  In the mean time, if you love getting scrapbook items on sale we currently have 319 of them.


  1. My mom and I adore Tim Holtz!
    Found you through Link Referral(:

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    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. Thanks for your comment Abbigayle. I looked at your blog. I love the blue jeans in your August 8 post. They are very cute. Best of luck with your blog.