Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Beginnings (Part 1)

My wife, Susy's, paper addition began early in life long before she knew of scrapbooks. My scrapbook addiction would begin much later in life. The evolution of these additions is our scrapbooking story and what led to Everything 4 Scrapbooking.

When Susy was just a little girl, she would go to the paper store with her mom and buy cute papers.  After buying a few papers she would hold her moms hand and gleeful skip home knowing the fun ahead.   After getting home she would spread the papers on the floor cut them up and glue them back together making all kinds of creations.  Perhaps she was always destined to be a scrapbooker, but wouldn't find out for years to come.

My scrapbook addiction on the other hand would begin much later in life.  I didn't play with paper is a child or even a teen, but I always loved art.  I loved to draw and paint from an early age and always thought of myself is creative.  But my artistic passion never once entered the world of paper crafting or scrapbooking.

They say boy meets girl and everything changes.  That was true of us.  On the fateful day that we met I felt sparks and it wasn't much later tell we we're dating.  On April 2, 2004 we we're married.  We wanted something to put our wedding photographs in that looked better then boring photo album that photographer had given us, so we thought what if we put the pictures on pretty paper.  It was a simple idea that seemed so harmless.  Little did we know that we were about to become scrapbookers.

Story continued tomorrow

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