Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Beginnings (Part 2)

Our wedding photographer had used photo corners to mount each photo on black 12x12 paper.  The effect was professional, but stark.  We thought our wedding pictures would look better on pretty paper.  This would be our next craft project we told ourselves.

Is a couple my wife and I have always been crafty.  We had just made and designed many of the decorations in our beautiful wedding, so we knew Michaels our local craft store carried the kind of paper we were after.  Off we went to Michaels and grabbed up some cute papers we really liked.  This was to be our first ever scrapbook and we had no plans to make any more so we only got what we needed.

On that first scrapbook we used our professionally photographed wedding photos.  Susy, my wife, was all ready to cut them up and make it creative.  I on the other hand did not want to "destroy" our brand new wedding photos, so I refused saying that we had to use photo corners and couldn't cut up the pictures.

In the end my unwillingness to cut things up made for a less then creative scrapbook.  However, it turned out it would be the first scrapbook of many each better then the last.

Below you will find a video of that first scrapbook album.


  1. What a lovely post, and an awesome way to start your scrap booking :-) even though you think the result was 'less than perfect', being your wedding album it is very precious. The start if new beginnings in many ways :-)

  2. Hi Catherine,

    You are right of course that it's about memories of our wedding day. I will always remember that day, to me the day was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.

    In a few hours, I'm going to post the 2nd scrapbook we made of our wedding this one with photos our guest took and gave us. We got a little creative with our 2nd scrapbook of the wedding :)

    Have a great day Catherine and happy scrapbooking