Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Favorite Storage Solution

It's a shame, but sometimes great scrapbook products are never seen by many scrapbookers!  Generations Sticker Saver is one such product.When we found these great storage devices we were amazed and ordered tons of them for ourselves.

At the same time period in our lives Susy and I were making and selling scrapbook layouts and mat sets on eBay.  However, we loved these sticker savers so much, we bought even more to sell on eBay.  All our eBay fans loved them and they sold like hot cakes.  There came a day though when we decided eBay was not for us anymore and we stopped selling there.  We still have a small stack of these wonderful sticker and accessory storage items left over from our eBay days.

Today Generations Sticker Savers are very hard to find.  I couldn't find a single store online that sells them.  Even their manufactures website is down.  It's my guess that we have the last remaining unopened packages of this wonderful product.  

On our August 20, 2012 post we showed off our scrapbook room.  In the video we quickly show you our personal scrapbook storage system for our papers and stickers.  However, it's a quick 30 seconds without explanation of what's inside our storage scrapbooks.  One of the things you see in our storage scrapbooks is the Generations Sticker Saver.  I've made new video that details how Sticker Saver's work and how much they hold.  Check it out!

If this is the storage solution you've been looking for reply to this post and we will gladly put them in our store.

Have a great day and happy scrapbooking!


  1. I NEED this in my life!! I have been SEARCHING for these for WEEKS! How can I get them???!!

  2. Hello Grant,

    We are busy setting up our brand new scrapbook store, so it took me a few days. However, I have now added this item to the store for you,p2954982