Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ribbon Trees: A Creative Storage Solution

Scrapbookers tend to gather tons of supplies.  The problem comes when we have to find a way to store them all.  I have read countless articles on ways to store your scrapbook supplies and seen a lot of good ideas.  Ribbon/button trees are one of my favorites.

Ribbon Trees are easy to make, store way more then you would think, look cute in your scrapbook room, and allow you to easily see all your ribbons.  Find out how you can make your very own.

You will need:

1: heavy glass or vase
1: small bag of sea glass
1: round wooden stick 1/4 inch across found in craft stores
1: 4 inch styrofoam ball
1: 3 inch styrofoam ball
1: bag of sea glass
1: pack of clear resin for silk flowers
1: pack of decorative sewing pins
and some ribbon scraps

Step 1:

Cut your wooden stick to 20 inches in height.  Adjust height depending on the size of your cup and the height you want you tree to be.

Step 2:

Hold your stick straight up in the middle of the glass and fill in some sea glass around it to hold it straight up.  If you have a level you should use it here because it's important that the stick stands straight up.  Do not use all your sea glass.

Step 3:

Mix your resin is the packages instructs you.  When ready, pour it into your glass on top of the sea glass.  Keep pouring until it gets to near the top of level of sea glass.

Step 4:

Make sure the stick goes straight up then allow the resin to dry for as long as your package instructs.

Step 5:

Add more sea glass on top of your dried resin.

Step 6:

Holding the stick steady push the stick through then center of the larger of the two styrofoam balls.  Keep pushing until you get the ball to a height you like.  Then add the smaller of the two balls to the top of the poll being careful not to push the stick all the way through it. 

If you have trouble pushing the stick through you can always buy a separate stick(the same size) to pre-push holes in your balls before sliding them over the stick in your glass.

Step 7:

Tie small ribbon scraps around the stick to hide it.  You can always add more ribbon scraps with time.

Step 8:

For a ribbon tree loosely roll your ribbon then stick a pin through it and into the styrofoam ball.  Group the ribbons together closely so you can't see the ball.

For a button tree stack similar buttons onto of each other then stick a pin though them and into your styrofoam ball.  

Note: with the button tree small bits of the ball will show.  You could paint paint the ball if you want. 

Warning it can take a lot of paint and you can not use normal spray paint.  We did not paint ours.

Step 9:

Have fun looking at your new cute ribbon or button tree.

Note:  These trees hold a deceptively large amount of ribbon and buttons.  My wife and I were shocked when we didn't have enough to cover the two trees we made.


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