Friday, August 31, 2012

The Death of Scrapbooks Etc. (Part 2)

On August 17, 2012 I told you about Scrapbooks Etc was closing it's doors forever.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I hoped it was some kind of awful prank.  Maybe they weren't really going away.  Sadly, our worst fears have come true.  Scrapbooks Etc magazine is gone!

The conformation they were really gone came two days ago with a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and letter.  The letter basically said Scrapbooks Etc was gone and that our subscription would be completed with the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  They try soften the blow by offering 6 free issues.  The letter went on to explain we could have a cook book and a whole extra year for only $6.  Sadly, Better Homes and Gardens was a disappointment and not even worth $6 for an extra year.

Susy and I our looking around for a new scrapbook magazine to subscribe to.  If there is a scrapbook magazine that you love, let us know we would love to check it out.  Also, how do you feel about your subscription switch?

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