Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Second Scrapbook Album of Our Wedding

This was the third scrapbook album we made.  After our first album we made a scrapbook of our honeymoon that I will post at a later date.  In the mean time, I'm going to spend a few days talking about this album because there is a lot to share.

I always liked this wedding scrapbook album more then our other one.  I feel like it just captures who we are and the feel of our wedding better. 

We made the invitations for our own wedding seen on page 3 and 4 of the video.  They cost us a little over $1 each to make and came out so much better then all the stuff you can buy in the stores.  My wife and I both can't believe it when we see people at stores paying hundreds of dollars for ugly invites at stores.  Tomorrow I will give a step by step guide of how we made our invitations so any of you that love our invitation is much as my wife and I do can copy it. 

The stamps seen on page 3 and 4 are the stamp we actually used.  There is a story here.  We had gone to the post office and asked what love stamps they had.  They showed us a stamp with Be My Valentine Candy Hearts.  We wanted a classy wedding and were not about to use those stamps.  We said no thank you and went home. 

Somewhere out there a stamp collector is about to cringe, but we came up with a solution.  We went home, got on eBay and searched for unused love stamps being sold to collectors.  We found these cute little stamps for only a few cents over the postage cost on them each.

Here's a little ad for our online scrapbook store.  "If you love stamps, sign up for our newsletter and find out how this August you can get a clear stamp set of your choice for FREE!"

We did so many scrapbooking techniques for the first time in this scrapbook  I look forward to sharing them all with you over the coming days.  I also look forward to explaining how we made different craft items for our wedding.

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