Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Weather Outside is Fightful...

Hi from not so sunny south Florida.

We have Hurricane Isaac off the west cost of Florida right now.  The weather isn't actually very frightful, but it has been bad enough to knock out our power.

In the next few days look for updates complete with pictures of what it looks like outside.  It's not that impressive I actually got a picture of some young ducks.  Who knows maybe we will make a scrapbook page about the Hurricane.  

Until power comes back we will not be able to watch our emails closely or answer any live chat questions to the store.   We lost power with chat marked is live and now have no way to say we are not available for chat.  I'm sorry to anyone who tries to talk with us and finds we do not answer.

I hope you are all having a better day then us and that you do not live in the path of Isaac.

Update: I wrote this post yesterday.  Since then the weather has cleared up and we have power again!

In other BIG NEWS:

We have lowered our shipping prices at the store.  Orders of less then $5.00 now ship for $3.50 to the U.S.  instead of $5.99 like they did in the past.  We wanted to make buying a few papers more affordable.  It could easily cost you more then $3.50 in gas money to drive to the craft store and back.

Orders from $5.01 to $49.99 still ship to the U.S for $5.99 and all orders over $50.00 still ship free to the U.S.

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