Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box with Storage

Storage is bigger part of scrapbooking then any would guess when they start the hobby.  It is so easy to collect scrapbook treasures, but then the question comes where do I put them.  Almost all the brick and mortar hobby stores sell plastic containers to put your supplies in.  However, they are both expensive and ugly.  Today I'm going to share a storage solution with you that will not only save you money, but will make your scrapbook room look even cuter!

Don't get caught in the scrapbook box mentality.  Items do not to have the word scrapbook stamped on them to be useful in scrapbook supply storage.

For is long is we have collected scrapbook flowers, "we have wondered what do we do with these."  Keeping them in the little glass jars they come in just takes up to much space.  I'm ashamed to say at one point we kept them in a cheap ugly plastic scrapbook supply storage box, because we didn't know where else to put them.  But when we go out shopping we are always on the look out for cute storage ideas and finally we found one.

While at Marshals, a discount department store, we found a large wood and glass container.  It was on sale for only $6 and we both loved it.  So we stood there and talked about what on earth we could use it for.  After a minute light bulbs lit over both our heads.  Flowers come in small glass containers because it's cute.  What if we were to put all our flowers in this large 17 inch tall glass container.  So we purchased it and couldn't be happier with the result.  It is both cute and with the large lid very easy to search through.

Sometimes the cutest, cheapest, and best storage solutions for your scrapbook room weren't made for scrapbook storage at all.  When you go shopping think about your storage needs and keep an open mind.  You may be surprised what you find.


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  2. :D There really are. :D

    Did you see our ribbon tree post

    or the boxes we got at IKEA

    Of course, we also use lots of traditional scrapbook storage, but when you can find a fun container why not use it.