Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A CHA 2012 Product Review Review

Susy and I recently attended the CHA 2012 product review at West Palm Beach Scrapbook Expo.  I would recommend that if given the opportunity to go to a scrapbook expo you attend this class.  Not because you will learn anything about CHA, but because of all the free goodies you will get.

The class is only $25 and you get a ton of free goodies.  I think they claim it's $50 or so worth of items and I trust them that it was.  However, it gets better.  Throughout the class the instructor would call out names for extra prizes.  Everyone won at least 1 extra prize and some people won two.  Susy and I both got very lucky and we ended up with walking out with well over $200 worth of scrapbook supplies.  When you consider that we got free tickets to the scrapbook expo with the purchase of the class that's nothing short of amazing.

Part of the reason for our winning streak was that the class had very low attendance.  Only 13 people including Susy and I showed up.  Lucky for you, I doubt that attendance in this class would be high at any show.  The reason is because no one in the class but Susy and I knew CHA stood for Craft and Hobby Association.  Everyone just came for the goodies, not the class.

It turned out people only coming for the goodies was a good thing, because the class content was a disappointment.  Susy and I have not attended CHA before; we were really looking forward to learning about the products that were at the last CHA.    LeAnn Ostergaard, the instructor and host of the tip of the day on My Craft Channel, didn't really give much info on CHA.  Instead, she talked a lot about stores that were at the scrapbook expo.  It seemed like the class was an hour long infomercial for the scrapbook expo and that gave lot of free gifts.

That said, we did learn some things like what kind of products are most popular with scrapbookers right now.  We are always buying new items and look forward to stocking the store with the new trends in scrapbooking.  We also learned how to make our own washii tape and how to renew cricut cutting mats.  Both of which I'm going to tell you how to do in future post.

The CHA 2012 Product Review is not the class advertised.  However, it is a  great chance to get many fun and free scrapbook supplies and learn a few great scrapbook tips.   Check it out if you get a chance.

 Thanks to amishsteve for use of his photo for the post.

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