Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are More Men Scrapbooking?

As a man who scrapbooks I have always known I was part of a small, but hopefully growing minority.  At craft stores my wife and I commonly get comments from women who are surprised my wife got me to go with her.  Never before this year have I ever attend a scrapbook expo where three or more women didn't comment on how how lucky my wife was that she got me go with her.  No one ever considered that I could have wanted to come.  All that changed this past scrapbook expo.

Looking around the expo floor it was mostly women and one women did comment on how lucky my wife was.  That said, one comment is far less then the usual 3 or more.  Plus, I actually saw 3 other men at the expo.

I even talked with a women who's husband was nearby trying to win a door prize.  We talked about scrapbooking in a way that was very natural and did not make me feel like an oddity for being a man who scrapbooks.

It all left me wondering, are more men scrapbooking now?  I tried to find the facts and figures online, but could not find old demographics to compare to the new ones.

What I did find were the current numbers:

98% of scrapbookers are females between the ages of 30-59.   All other female scrapbookers and all male scrapbookers make up only 2%

So are there more men scrapbooking?  I know it feels that way to me, but I couldn't find any proof.  Either way, men are a very small minority of scrapbookers.  Over time more men scrapbook and expand the hobby in new and exciting ways.

My thanks goes out to BethLo of Beth Lofgren photography for use of her picture.  I looked and looked for a picture that I thought conveyed a mans spot in the world a of scrapbooking.  In the end what could be better then this picture of a baby boy.  Male scrapbookers may be small in number, but that number will grow.

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