Friday, September 7, 2012

Color Your World

When you can't find or can't afford the perfect scrapbook supplies consider making them.

When Susy and I made this page we didn't know much about why a scrapbook should be acid and lignin free.  Much of this layout is normal paper and will likely degrade over time.  Still, it has been 8 years and the layout has not aged yet.  It has even outlasted some items sold to us as "scrapbook supplies".

The dwarfs walking across the log are actually from an old Disney catalog.  Suzy had cut them out and saved them years before we met.  The letters are a different story.  We looked around with our limited budget and all we could find were stickers that just didn't have the look we wanted.

I came up with the solution what if we printed them out from our computer.  We found letters that we liked on Microsoft word and printed them out in a large font to read, "Heigh Ho Heigh Ho Its Off To Work We Go".  Susy has never liked my coloring skills so she used colored pencils to color each letter one at a time.  It took her days.  I do not remember the ride this page is about, but I do remember her making it.

While I disagree with her and think I can color well, I wish I had her skills with a pair of scissors.  Check out those angles she cut around!

I hope this inspires you to think outside the box when decorating your layouts.

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