Thursday, September 6, 2012

Creative uses for Postcards

We almost always include postcards in our scrapbooks.  It's a nice way of adding very pretty pictures that you could have never gotten yourself.  Plus, there is almost always a story and a memory behind a those postcards.  In a way postcards can bring a tangible of part of your life into the scrapbook.  In our Disney 2004 scrapbook we ended up using postcards as title pages introducing the parks.

These particular postcards have a story behind them.  Susy and I hadn't been married very long and we were going on a trip with Susy's parents to Disney.  Susy's Mom is a sweetheart and the type that wants to give you everything.  She insisted on buying me a souvenir and would not take no for an answer.  I looked around and saw some postcards that weren't priced.  I thought, "those will look great in our scrapbook and they have to be cheap" so I handed them to her. 

She asked, "you sure" and I said yes so that was that.  After she bought them I found out the 4 postcards cost $16!  I felt so bad.  I was expecting it to be a few dollars.  In hindsight, I should have known it was Disney and asked a cashier how much they cost before handing them to her mom.

Four simple post cards turn into 4 titles and a memory.  Is it a good memory?  LOL well maybe not but the trip was very fun and when I see these I still remember standing in that gift shop with her mom all those years ago and I guess memories are what scrapbooking is all about in the end.

Next time you are on a trip and see a postcard stop and ask yourself, how would that look in my scrapbook.

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