Thursday, September 20, 2012

Discover $10 Scrapbook Storage Solution

First seen in our August 24, 2012 post we got these wooden storage boxes at IKEA.  For only $6 each they are perfect scrapbook storage solution that works great.

Regrettably, the boxes have an unfinished look.  To fix this we went to Home Depot and got wood stain.  It only cost us $12 for enough wood stain to stain the inside and outside of 3 boxes.  That brings the total cost of this storage solution to $30 for 3 very nice wood  storage boxes.  Only $10 each!

The boxes are 14.5x12.5x12.5 inches giving you lots of room to put paper or other scrapbook supplies inside them.

The finished boxes are beautiful and could easily be priced at $20 or even $30 if you found them in a store.

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