Monday, September 3, 2012

Disney Scrapbook

We made this Disney scrapbook in 2004 to remember a trip we took to Disney with Susy's parents and brother.  It was our 4th scrapbook and it's far from perfect.  We both still had a lot to learn about basic things like acid free materials and cutting papers to fit the 12x12 sheet protectors.

Cutting papers to fit in the 12x12 sheet protectors you may ask?  You see, in 2004 neither 12x12 papers or 12x12 sheet protectors were necessarily 12x12.  Often they were a little smaller or bigger and you had to cut you papers to match the sheet protectors.

Despite this scrapbooks many flaws, we still did a lot right and there is a lot worth talking about in the scrapbook.  Over the next several days I will talk about some of the high points from this scrapbook.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and happy scrapbooking.

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