Monday, September 17, 2012

Should Online Stores Buy Supplies at the Scrapbook Expo?

Should online scrapbook stores buy supplies at the scrapbook expo?  For Susy and I the answer to this question is usually NO!  The reason is simple we believe in having the lowest prices anywhere online for scrapbook supplies.  If you buy from another vendor instead of buying wholesale it is very unlikely you will have the lowest prices.   The reason is you can't beat the price of the store you purchased your supplies from with out losing money.

Not everyone agrees with Susy and I though.  Repeatedly when we go to scrapbook shows we see people who are obviously buying for a store.

A few days ago at the West Palm Beach Scrapbook Expo we saw the worst example ever of a person buying for their store.  Susy and I were on our third loop around the expo in the Bling shop.  It's one of my personal favorite stores at the expo.  It was at that shop that we saw a women sitting on the floor with baskets full of supplies sprawled around her.  Neither of us could help, but look and wonder what she wanted all all that bling for.  We didn't have to wonder long.  She began talking to the cashier with us and many other customers near her.  She was buying it to resell at her online store.  She went on to give the cashier the web address of her store.  Needless to say, Susy and I were both extremely shocked.  I'm not saying the bling at this store wasn't a good deal.  It was.  However, it was very similar to what Susy and I would charge for the same bling at our own store.  This woman had to have been charging MSRP and she was letting the whole world know that she planned to rip them off.

In the end, I don't know what to think of people who buy all their supplies at shows and such.  We get most our supplies for the store wholesale.  I won't say that we haven't ever got a single item from a store. That said, we have never purchased anything that we couldn't sell at the lowest price online.

So how do we do it?  Well maybe I shouldn't let other stores know.  However, it's very difficult and results in us buying the vast majority of our supplies from wholesale vendors.   Much more importantly the more we save the better scrapbook deals we get to offer you.  Its a lonely fight, but we will always strive to bring our customers unbeatable prices.

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