Sunday, September 9, 2012

Up in The Air on a Scrapbook Layout?

Being "up in the air" or uncertain about what to do on your next scrapbook layout can be a problem.

A balloon themed page could be the cute, easy to make, and unusual idea you are looking for.  The actual pictures do not have to do anything to do with balloons.

First you will need a balloon template.

Unfortunately, I can't share the one we used as you don't mess with Disney copyrights.  However, I made these free templates for you and there are many other free balloon templates that you can find online.

Next you will need something to tie the balloons to.  This could be a person or character that you bought premade or it could be a stamp that you color and cut out.  It could even be a mail box for pages such as birthdays and baby showers.

Lastly, you will need some string.  We used a thick string, but that's really up to your own personal preference.

Cut your balloons out of vellum paper.  Wrap one end of the string around the balloon and tape or glue it to the back.  Finally take the other end of the string and tape or glue it behind what ever it is tied to.  Pictures can easily be added on top of your balloons turning them into frames.

If you make a layout with balloons please email it to  I would love to publish your example on our blog!

Until tomorrow happy scrapbooking everyone.

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