Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is Fancy Cut?

Until yesterday night I had never heard the term Fancy Cut.  I was watching television and Susy was watching scrapbook videos on YouTube.  She yells over to me, "Honey, do you know what Fancy Cut is?".  I had to admit I did not.

She answered, "I just learned in a video it's where you cut around a picture".  We have always liked doing this, but didn't know there was a  name for it.

So today when I woke up I said to myself, "the blog post will be about Fancy Cut".  You would think fancy cut would make for a very easy blog post.  After all, how hard is it to say cut something out?  I was to find out fancy cut is more complicated then I first thought.

Google didn't have a definition for fancy cut.  I could not find an article that said fancy cut is cutting out parts of a picture.  Instead, I found articles that said fancy cut was using shaped scissors or according to some articles using die cutting machines.
Unable to find a straight answer, I came to the conclusion that there is not one.  Maybe in the end, fancy cut is just cutting things out without using straight lines.  No matter what fancy cut is, I think we can all agree that a fancy cut is a good thing.

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