Sunday, September 2, 2012

What's the best scrapbook paper punch?

Susy and I are blessed to have 60+ paper punches.  Most of them are either EK Success or Martha Stewart.  Only one of them is a Fiskars punch.  So, how and why did this happen?

Back when we first started scrapbooking we didn't care about brands.  We only cared how cute and cheap a paper punch was.  Paper punches were a very rare purchase for us because we didn't have a lot of money.

Time past and then came our eBay days.  The scrapbook layouts and mat sets we made sold very well and made us enough money to make our scrapbook addiction much worse.  We spent all our eBay money on new scrapbook supplies.  This meant buying tons and tons of pretty paper and a new paper punch every week or two.  Along the way we learned what punches worked well and didn't work at all.


EK Success punches quickly became our favorites.  They are very cute and priced affordably.  However, the best thing about these punches is they fold flat allowing you to easily store them in a small place.  Over the years we have had one break where it no longer folds and stays flat, but they all still punch wonderfully.


Most Martha Stewart punches are very cute.  They are also very high quality.  In fact, not a single one one of our Martha Stewart punches has broken and they all still work like the day we bought them.  Now the bad part.  Martha Stewart punches are very expensive costing over 50% more then some brands.  Additionally, Martha Stewart punches do not fold up as tightly as EK Success punches and thus take up much more room.


Fiskars Punches have long been our least favorite brand.  Years ago we got a Fiskars border punch.  We were already in love with EK Success and Martha Stewart punches at the time, but it was a really cute punch so we got it.  At the end of the day, all punches are created equal right?  Sadly, they are not.  When we got the punch home we tried to punch with it.  Susy and I both had to push at the same to punch a single sheet of cardstock.  The result was a messy punch that looked ugly.  I wrote Fiskars customer service an email  and was told to return the punch to the store.  Sadly we no longer had the receipt so instead we tossed it in the trash.  Years passed and we never got another Fiskars punch again.  All that changed this past weekend when we found a cute cloud punch for $2 and decided to give them another shot.  The cloud punch worked easily and perfectly.  I'm sure we just got a bad punch the first time.  Nevertheless, I would recommend against Fiskars punches because they take up a lot of room.

What is your favorite brand of punches and why?


  1. Love this post:) I have to defiantly agree...EK Success all the way. I purchased others but ended up reselling them on Ebay. I love Ek Success... The ergonomic design, easy to store, and easy to turn over to see where I'm punching. I only own EK Success punches right now:)

  2. :)

    Susy always punches that way also. She turns the punch upside down to line up the next punch. I prefer to look at the pattern at the top of the punch and line up my next one.

  3. Thank you for this help. I want to buy a few punches and am doing so with scanty funds. It's a great help to have your advice.