Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to Scrapbook Cheap

Today's post is going to cover a few things in the layout from yesterday that I didn't cover.

I've told you many times in the past about how Susy and I love to use postcards for cheap accessories on layouts.

I told you yesterday that the generals are from a cheap poster that we used on 3 layouts.

However, there are two other money saving techniques we use on this layout that I don't think I've talked about about before.

One is the use of tickets.  It's easy to toss tickets when you are done with a event, but they make great accessories.
 The other money saving technique is the use of brochures.  Susy and I love to use brochures in our scrapbooks.  They often have great pictures and information about a location.  Plus, what's better then free.  On our last trip to Kentucky we actually went to a brochure stand and grabbed 1 of each just in case we went to that location or could use a picture from it.   We ended up using several of brochures including the one in this layout.

I will always share every money saving idea we come up with.

Oh and of course I have to remind you that if you want the cheapest scrapbook supplies you should shop at our store.  ;)

Have a great day and Happy Scrapbooking

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