Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Shop like a Pro at Your Next EXPO

There are many scrapbooking conventions held year around.  If you have ever attended one you know how much fun they are. 

However, they can also be somewhat overwhelming. There are so many great classes and tons of stores to shop at.  Don't panic, I'm here to help.

First, it's important to find out if there is even a convention being held near your.    These two websites should be helpful

  2013 CK Scrapbook Convention Schedule


The Scrapbook Expo

The secret to a great trip to a scrapbooking convention is planning.   

Before going to the show:

1) Visit the shows web page.  

2) Check what classes will be taught at the show.  Sometimes the very best classes fill up early.  If there is a class you really want to take, you may want to buy tickets early online.  It's best to avoid early morning classes, because those are the best shopping hours.

3) Print out coupons to all the vendors you are interested in.  Circle times that they are good for.  Often coupons are only good for the first few hours of a show.

4) Print out a map of the show and where all the different stores will be located.

5) Plan your route by actually drawing on that map. 
      Keep several things in mind when planning the route
           A)The stores with crazy good deals may sell out of a paper you would have loved
           B) You have to make it to your coupon stores before they expire
           C) Start at the stores in the back.  You will find lines will be much smaller.

After you get to the show 

1) Ask stores and the class teachers if you can take pictures.  You will find inspiration everywhere you look.  However, I personally find if I don't take pictures I forget most of it.

2) Talk to store owners about your scrapbooking projects.  Store owners often love to scrapbook and can give you all sorts of helpful hints and suggest great products to you.

3) If staying up-to-date on scrapbooking trends is important to you just look around.  Usually the more expensive stores will have the most trendy items.  Cheap stores often have items that are a little older.  However here is a secret.  Let's say you notice that chevrons are trendy.  You don't have to buy them at the expensive store.  Go back to the cheap store and buy some chevron paper that's a year or two old for half the price.

I hope you have found this shopping guide helpful.

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