Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jefferson Davis Monument Scrapbook Layout

Today will be the first day in a series of post that feature three layouts from our visit to the Jefferson Davis Monument.  We went there on our last trip to visit my mom in Kentucky.

The scrapbook paper is  Sparkle Celebration Dots and can be found in our store.

I'm sure you noticed the postcard instantly.  I have talked several times in the past about how Susy and I like to use postcards for cheap accents in for our layouts.  In this layout, the postcard is actually the only thing that labels it is the Jefferson Davis Monument.  Personally, I like the picture of Susy in front of the monument much more then the postcard.  It's a very all American picture for a place that isn't All American.

I have no idea who the 4 southern generals on the left hand side of the layout are.  We bought a cheap poster at the gift shop with southern generals on it specifically to use in the scrapbook because it looked cool and was cheap.  You will bits in pieces of it in all 3 layouts we made of the monument.

The last thing of note is The DAY 3 in the bottom right of this layout.  Without seeing the whole scrapbook its hard to understand what that means.  It is only a label saying we did this on day 3 of our visit to my mom.

I want to say that Susy and I do not approve of the things the south fought for during the Civil War.  We went to this monument because we enjoy seeing historical places.  I don't believe there is anything wrong with remembering the darker times in US history, but hope our layouts on this monument do not offend anyone.

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