Friday, October 5, 2012

Our New Papers Get Even Cheaper

Over the past several days you have seen me post a lot of pictures of new scrapbook papers that we add to our store.

Most of these papers have been $0.99 My Mind's Eye papers that we have been listing at $0.59, but that price is about to get even lower.  I'm in the process of adding package deals on our new papers.

Did you know that on many items in our store if you look just below the price you can see an even cheaper price if you buy a package deal.

For example, I just did the package deal for Breeze Boyish Handsome (seen on the right).  This paper retails for $0.99, but our price is $0.59.  Lucky you, the price just got even lower.

When you get all the other Breeze papers we have in the store
Breeze Boyish Plaid Paper (glittered)
Breeze Dream Stamped Paper (glittered)
Breeze Dream Wallpaper Paper (glittered)
Breeze Everywhere Correspond Paper (glittered)
Breeze Fun Day Today Paper
Breeze Precious Train Paper (glittered)

You get Breeze Boyish Handsome (glittered) at 60% off

That's a total of $3.58 for all 7 papers and 6 of them are glittered papers!  Other stores would dare to charge you $6.93 for those same papers.

Tired of the same old advertising blog post?  I am.  

Starting tomorrow I plan to start a long series of blog post that I'm sure you will love.  The list of upcoming topics will include the latest scrapbooking trends, info on scrapbook brands, and some beautiful layouts to help inspire your creativity.

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