Monday, October 22, 2012

This Scrapbook Layouts On Fire

This is a fairly simple scrapbook layout.

We used Sparkle Cinnamon Burst scrapbook paper for the background and Floral Spice scrapbook paper to mat the photo.  Both are found in our store.

The neat thing about this layout is the part at the top.  We used that same poster that we used in our first layout.  Susy cut out a chunk then crumpled it into a little ball to make it all wrinkled and old looking.  Then she gave it to me and I took it outside and burnt the edges.

 To burn the edges of a paper: 

1) Take it to a safe place where you won't catch anything on fire but except what you are trying to burn
2) Hold the paper so the part you want to burn is facing up.  This will slow the burn.  Papers will burn very quickly if you do not do this.
3) Move the lighter slowly along the top edge of the paper stopping fairly often to blow the paper out so not to much of it burns.
4) When you are done with the first edge of the paper just turn the paper and repeat on the four sides.

I think most people will find it fairly easy.  However, you may want to use a trash piece of paper to practice first.  Once you burn something there is no getting it back.

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