Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Would You Like $10 in Free Scrapbook Supplies?

At our store it's easy to earn free scrapbook supplies.  You can actually earn credits for scrapbook supplies in a lot of ways.  Earn 100 credits and you get a $10 gift certificate it really is that easy.  Sure you say,  I bet I have to do something nearly impossible or buy something.   Nope!

Here's how you can earn credits:

1)Mention our website in a YouTube video for 1 point.  If it gets over 100 views let us know  for an additional 4 points.  You have to email us the link to the video so we can verify.

2) For every two website address you can mail us with a lower price on the exact same product you will get 1 point.  You must give the exact address of the product and the product name.  It can not be a club or an auction site.  This is perhaps the hardest way to earn points because our prices are so low.  However, with nearly 500 products I'm sure you can find a few and help us keep our prices the lowest around.

3)Refer a friend by signing in and then going to my account and clicking on refer friends.  Every time you have a friend that makes their first purchase from us you will get 5 points.

4) Buy some of our great scrapbooking items.  For every dollar you spend you will get 1 reward point.

Today we added 4 new items to the store:





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