Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating Imperfections

The other day, Susy was making a layout.

While spraying a bird template with ink to see what it would look like she accidentally spilled the bottle of ink onto the paper.

Susy quickly picked up the bottle, tossed the soaking wet bird template on her test paper, and cleaned up the desk.

Susy would call this paper is trash.

However, when I look at it I see something extremely beautiful in the imperfections.

I cut the birds out.  It just felt like they should be facing each other.  However, unless I can convince Susy of their beauty their eventual home will be the trash.

What's your opinion on things these birds.  Are they uniquely beautiful and belong in a layout or are they simply trash?


  1. Perfection is so over rated;-) A friend of mine would call it a happy accident.

  2. A happy accident is such a great name for it. I love that.