Thursday, November 29, 2012

Disney Princesses Dance Scrapbook Layout

For one of our older scrapbook layouts I really like this one.

The background scrapbook paper is Golf Naturals Printed Flat Paper by K&Company.

Although I really like this whole layout there are a few thing about it that I find really neat.

Disney Princesses Dancing
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The first one is the ball room paper.  You might recognize it from Beauty and The Beast.  At the time we made this scrapbook we had a tight budget and going out to buy Disney scrapbook supplies wasn't always an option.  We found a Disney sticker book on-sale at the Disney Outlet Store and purchased it for the stickers.  Later we asked ourselves, why not use this book also.  We cut it up and it made its way into our Disney scrapbook layouts.

The other bit on this layout that I really like is easy to miss.  If you look at the bottom right of the ball room you will see a tiny prince and princess less then 1 inch tall dancing that Susy fussy cut out.

I hope this layout inspires you to go scrapbook today.

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