Monday, November 19, 2012

Even Better Pictures!

Nikon CoolPix L22
Our old camera
One of the things that I care deeply about at both our store and our blog is quality pictures. 

Between scrapbooking, our blog, and our store our camera sees a lot of use.  Our last camera, a Nikon CoolPix L22, took over 14 thousand pictures before battery flap broke.

After the battery flap broke I had to hold the flip closed just to take pictures.  It was very hard and is the main reason you have seen less of our personal scrapbook layout pictures on the blog lately.

We knew we needed a new camera, but with Black Friday so close we wanted to wait.  Yesterday while looking around Sam's Club, membership-only retail warehouse club, we found a a Canon PowerShot with the memory card and a case for $80.

Canon Powershot A2300
Our new camera
When we got home I looked up reviews and they seemed positive for the most part.  Sam's Club was having a early Black Friday Sale that night so we decided to attend and get our Camera.  Sadly, it was not on sale.  However we decided $80 was a good enough price and purchased it.

I look forward to bringing you more great pictures and even HD videos in the future.


  1. My DH bought me the Canon 650D two months ago. It is rather heavy, but it takes the most beautiful photos.

  2. I just looked up that Camera on Google. It sounds very nice and I bet it does take beautiful photos. Thanks so much for your comment Lynette. It always makes me happy when I see someone not only looked at my post but even wrote me a note.