Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everyday Cricut is Closing

Thanks to owenwbrown of flickr for the photo
The scrapbook blog Everyday Cricut is closing.   This popular scrapbook blog has over 9,740 followers.  I always find it a little sad to see major names in the scrapbook world disappear.

Joy and Melanie the owners of three blogs including Everyday Cricut, Obsessed with Scrapbooking, and Courtney Lane Designs stated they no longer have the time to write three blogs at the same time.  They had to let something go and in the end they decided that would be everyday Cricut.

Fans of Joy and Melanie do not have to panic.  Even though Everyday Cricut was closed on October 31, 2012 their other two blogs will remain open.

Obsessed with Scrapbooking will be run by Joy


Courtney Lane Designs will be run by Melanie

Joy and Melanie speak of the many hours, blood, sweat and tears that they put into Everyday Cricut.  I know from the amount of work I have put into this blog that they tell the truth.  It all makes me wonder if there is more to the closing of Everyday Cricut then they are telling us.  In the end, it doesn't matterWe are losing a good friend that we enjoyed visiting.  It seems like just yesterday that we lost Scrapbooks Ect. hopefully it will be a long time tell our next  big loss.

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