Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Was Wrong About Theft and am Deeply Sorry!

I was wrong about the store that I referred to is thieves!  They did nothing wrong. This is my correction article on the subject

I've made a few post now about a scrapbook store that I have always left unnamed knocking off papers from other brands.  As both a scrapbooker and a independent scrapbook store owner this made me upset. After a Google search on the subject turned up no results I wrote my first two articles.

Today, I found new information on the subject and I'm posting it as quickly as I can type.      I was wrong.  From what I have now read this store was not ripping off designs.  I am deeply sorry for my mistake both to the retailer and my loyal readers.

To the retailer: I'm very glad I never named you and I will going back to those articles as soon as I post this one and clearly marking them is incorrect. I will include a link at the top of each to this article.  Bellow is a full explanation of what happened.

I was under the impression that these papers were stolen, because well they look like copies.  Plus in my mind why would anyone willingly sell their designs to a chain store?  I did do a search on Google before my first article but came up with no other sources talking about this story. 

Also around a year ago I had read an article in Creative Retailer Magazine where I thought they had said this kind of thing was going on(but did not name stores doing it).  However, I can not find the magazine to verify this.  So I could easily also be wrong about that.

When I saw papers that I recognized is being from other brands at this chain store I was upset.  I  made two post about it as I found new information.

However today after additional research I found that this subject had been talked about on the Studio Calico website.  That lead me to the 2peas message boards.  It was on the 2peas message boards that I actually learned the truth directly from amytangerine. 

Amy Tangerine says that American Crafts told her they were working out a deal with this store to carry her paper.  After this store purchased designs they rebranded them and sold them under their own store brand name.  Amy says she trust that American Crafts was looking out for her best interest.

Since American Crafts seems to have made this deal for Amy Tangerine I think its safe to say they made a similar deal for their own papers that this store sells under it's store brand.  Also I think it safe to say this store made deals with all companies that they carry lookalikes for.

Again I am deeply sorry to both my readers and this store brand for my mistake.  The other articles I have on this subject will have strikethroughs put over them and a statement that links back to this article put at their start.


  1. ((( hugs ))) I think we've all been in this position at one time or another - maybe not with a store, but misunderstandings happen, and it is always marvelous when someone sincerely apologizes. Sometimes we regain our humility when things like this happens. Gary, I don't know anyone, including myself, who has not misunderstood things at one time or another.

  2. Thanks for your support Donna. I'm very glad that I never said who the store was. :)