Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Plans

It may seem like a long time tell Black Friday, but Susy and I have been making our Black Friday through Cyber Monday plans for over a month now.

On Black Friday we will be here at the store helping our scrappy friends.  Everyone on our mailing list will have great coupons to use at our store starting Black Friday so we expect to be busy.

On Saturday, we are going to have a blast.  The plan is to wake up at 4 am and pick up Susy's Mom.  Then we start the 4 hour trip to Orlando to shop at a Name Brand Outlet Mall.  It's become a tradition for us and we always find lots of great Christmas presents for unbelievable prices.

Susy and her mom will likely both get each other purses from the Dooney and Bourke outlet store.  I'll most like get my mom a Swarovski figurine from the Swarovski outlet store.  The kids will get toys from the Toy-R-Us outlet and everyone else will likely get clothes.

Susy and I are hoping to get a few special things for ourselves this year.  Mainly, we want to get a new digital camera to use for the store and blog.  Also we are under the impression the company that host our store will have a sale that allows us to expand the number of items we can offer you at the store.

On Sunday we will make the long drive home and pack up all your Black Friday orders so we can send them out on Cyber Monday.

I expect Cyber Monday to a very busy day at the store.  It will be the last day our great coupons will be good and they will be listed in the store for everyone to see and use.  We will pack the orders as they come in so most if not all people who order on Cyber Monday will have their items in the mail on Tuesday.

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  1. Hi, that was awesome huge mall! Hope you had fun at the store. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yup, leaves and flowers complement each other :)