Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Steampunk Scrapbooking

Susy has been a long time fan of Steam Punk scrapbooking.  It took a little while for her to win me over to this design concept.  Perhaps, I'm moving way to fast here though.  You might be asking, "wait just one sec, what is steampunk scrapbooking?"

Steampunk is a scrapbook style that's hard to define.  Perhaps that's because even though the steampunk style was embarrassed by many scrapbookers  it did not originate in the scrapbooking world. 

Many items made by Tim Holtz could be called steampunk.  Things like gears, chains, and clocks are combined with Victorian design and a dash of science fiction.

It can be an expensive style of scrapbooking because it has a lot of expensive metal embellishments for that industrial look.

To save on steampunk supplies think outside the box.  Chipboard or grungeboard can be inked to look like metal.  However, for the real metal parts think eBay.  Currently on eBay you can get watch gears and parts starting at only $5.  We are in no way affiliated with any eBay site.  We have never purchased gears from eBay, but I've always been interested in doing so.

If you have never tried a steampunk layout try it out.  You might just find you like it.

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