Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stop Supporting Thieves

I have now learned this store did nothing wrong.  They are not thieves!  I am deeply sorry.  To read my correction on the subject just click here.

I know many scrapbookers and I can say with complete confidence we are a good wholesome lot.  Why then would I tell you to "Stop Supporting Thieves". thieves.......Never!  I have one question for you then, do you shop at hobby chain stores?

I'll admit it Susy and I do, those 40% off coupons are just so tempting.

Over the past year I have noticed a troubling trend at at one such chain store in particular.  More and more of this stores items are being replaced with their low quality store brand.  I'll leave the chain stores name out, but I'm sure you all know who they are.

I can't blame them for having a store brand.  After all, they is a large company.  They can  afford to pay lots of Chinese people to make our scrapbook supplies for pennies on the dollar.  OK, maybe we should all feel a little ashamed that we buy low quality Chinese papers.   After all for the same price their are many great companies that make scrapbook supplies in the USA.

Selling us all shoddily constructed scrapbook supplies made in China just so they can make a few extra cents per paper isn't a crime.  After all, everyone of us are as much to blame for buying those supplies as this store is for selling them.  

This chain store is doing something much worse.  What they are doing should be a crime and very well might be.  This scrapbook chain store is stealing the designs from well known scrapbook brands.  Next time you are in one of these big box chain stores look at their paper stacks then ask yourself have I seen a different company make this exact same stack?  If you are at the store I'm talking about the answer will be yes.

Thanks to lydia_shiningbrightly of flickr for the photo
I was at this chain store two Sundays ago with Susy.  Susy saw a paper stack and said look honey it's that stack I always wanted, but could never find from Amy Tangerine.  Well kind of.  In fact, it was the store brand knock off of the Amy Tangerine stack.  Except for it being made of low quality paper you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  Susy looked at it with yearning desire in her eyes.  "You know I want it".  I told her she could have it.  She turned to me and said, "but I can't support them ripping off other brands.  It just isn't right."

You know what, she was right it isn't.  It's down right criminal in my opinion.  So next time you are tempted to buy one of that chain stores knock offs stop!  Ask yourself, what is me buying this knock off going to do to scrapbooking? 

This chain store clearly can't come up with their own designs or they wouldn't steal the designs of other brands.  When you buy their knock offs you hurt all of scrapbooking by taking money away from the many great and creative scrapbook brands that come up with all our must haves goodies every day.

To purchase great scrapbook supplies (none of them store brands) at amazing deals that blow this chain store out of the water just visit our store.

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