Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Perfect Storm hits Everything 4 Scrapbooking

The Perfect Storm is defined is a confluence of events that drastically aggravates a situation. This is the story of an order we recently sent out.

Some people might view the story is negative, but it isn't.  It's simply the story of a one persons papers that we were happy to send.  Not everything will always go right for us on this end, but our customers always come first.  We will always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy.

stormy sunflower field
Daniel Zedda of flickr for the photo
It all started early Thursday morning.  After waking up I checked for new orders.  Little did I know ominous skies were forming over the flower filled fields that are our little store.

There it was, one order placed early in the A.M.  There was no time to pack it before Susy left.

Later that day while packing the order I was to encounter a ghostly paper.  I knew exactly where it should be, but for the life of me couldn't find it.  The third time I looked in the exact same place there it was.

I packed the order and went back to my everyday life of tending to the store and blog.

That night Susy says to me "look there is something wrong here.  Why is that paper so cheap?"  I had no idea why, but we were charging less then we paid wholesale.  Actually we were charging a lot less then we paid wholesale.

Next, we weighed the order and were to find out it was slightly over the weight limit for affordable shipping.  We were going to have to pay $10 just to ship it.  Between shipping and the under priced paper we were in a hole.

The next morning (Friday) Susy forgot to take the package with her when she left.  We couldn't make a customer wait 3 extra days over the weekend for their package.  I really only had one choice left, so I put the order in large canvas bag and started walking the mile and a half to the post office.  Someones scrapbook papers were on their way to a new home.  A home where they would become something beautiful.

Thanks to Trey Matula of flickr for the photo
In the end, sure we lost money on this order and I had to go on a little walk, but we are still grateful for the order.  The storm clouds are never very unkind to this beautiful store that I think of is home.  You put your faith in us to deliver beautiful scrapbook supplies at bargain basement prices.  It has always been our dream to be able to do this and I am truly honored that we get to.  I can honestly say thinking about how lucky we are to help all of you makes my eyes water up a little bit.  We won't ever let you down.  I want to thank each and everyone of you for being an important part of this great dream of ours!

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