Monday, November 12, 2012

The Thieves Are at it Again!

I have now learned this store did nothing wrong.  They are not thieves!  I am deeply sorry.  To read my correction on the subject just click here.

In our November 4th issue I warned you about a group of thieves that are knocking off many scrapbook stacks.  These aren't people hanging out in some back alley selling paper out of their van.  They are a major craft chain store that is selling knockoff scrapbook papers.  These are low quality knockoffs of name brand scrapbook stacks.

This past weekend we once again visited this craft chain store.  This time what we saw them doing made me angry and sick to my stomach.  They were no longer just knocking off stacks.  They had several knockoff papers (sold individually).  At first thought you might say, "well isn't stealing 1 paper better then stealing a whole stack worth of designs?"  Sure it is, but this time they weren't just ripping off scrapbook manufactures.

Now they were trying to also rip off their customers by drastically overcharging.  They wanted $2 each for many of their knockoff papers.  It was hard for me to believe.  My Mind's Eye had recommended selling their original version for $0.99 cents, but this store wanted $2.00 for a knock off!

cat burglar cat sleeping in purse
Thanks to kroszk of flicker for the photo
That's right, these cat burglars copied a design, made it cheaply, and then doubled the price.  Keep them out of your wallets please don't buy their knockoffs.  I'm tempted to stop shopping there all together.

Rosy Remember Lovely by My Mind's Eye
By the way here is one of the papers that I'm talking about.  Our price for the original version from My Mind's Eye $0.49.  That's a lot cheaper then the $2.00 this chain craft store is trying to charge people for their knockoff version.

It makes me a little angry and sick to my stomach that any store would stoop so low is to knockoff a scrapbook paper then double the price.  

Please note I'm only 90% sure this was the paper we saw.  While I know they were knockoffs that we carry sell the real versions of for $0.49 and believe this to be one of them Susy wouldn't let me take any pictures of the papers in ............ so I can't be absolutely sure.


  1. Wish I knew which store you were talking about. It's just not right. PS LOVE the photo of the kitty in the purse!

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  3. I took down my reply because I have written a entire post on this subject saying that I was wrong.

    I love the cat in the purse photo also. I look hard for cute pictures to post on the blog. The cat in the photo is not ours. However, our cat does love purses. He always has his head looking inside Susys. He loves to stash things in there.

    Some of his favorite toys are straws. We take them away when they get holes in them but let him play with them tell then. One time Susy cleaned her purse and found 8 straws in it!