Friday, November 2, 2012

Where to find the Best Cricut Cartridge Deals

It's been a little while since we purchased a new Cricut cartridge.  However, this past weekend I was very tempted by one at Micheal's called Pretty Pennants.  Normally Micheal's sells this cartridge for $29.99, but it was on-sale for only $19.99.  Being a huge pennant fan I wanted it, but being a cheap scrapbooker I didn't get it.

The Cleveland Kid from flickr for the photo
It all got me thinking was $19.99 even a good deal?  Where could I find the best deal on Cricut cartridges in the online market place.

The cheapest price on Google shopping was 27.99 with free shipping

The cheapest price on Amazon was $20.16 + 6.99 shipping for a total of $27.15.

The cheapest price on eBay buy it now was $25.99 with free shipping

I just watched a live eBay auction for one end at $12.75 with $3.25 shipping for a total of $16.00
I have purchased most my cartridges from eBay auctions.

It made me happy that I didn't buy at Micheal's for $19.99 when I could have gotten it $4.00 cheaper at eBay.  Still I wondered is there a better deal?  So I did more research.

I learned of eBay sellers called Proudparents.  I read in a forum they had the best deals.  Sadly, from what I can tell they are no longer on eBay.  However, it appeared that that screen name Proudparents was owned by a company called  So I went there hoping to find the great deals I had heard so much about.  I didn't find them.  Pretty Pennants was $29.99 on there site.

My last hope was a company called
I had heard great things about them.  Many people say they have great deals and their website states that they sell Cricut cartridges at or below wholesale.  Sounds too good to be true?  It is.  You have to pay $9.99 per month just to have know how much their items cost.  They have a free two day trial, but when I asked for it I got the following message, "Thanks for your interest, but we are not currently accepting new accounts.

In the end, it seems that eBay auctions are still the best place to buy your Cricut cartridges.  If you know a site with great deals on Cricut cartridges let us know and I would be glad to write about them.

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