Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Paper Quilling Flower

finished paper quilling flower
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This simple flower paper quilling flower can be made very easily.

I'll give you the measurements I used to make this flower.  However, you really don't need measurements.  I made them up while making the flower.  Paper quilling is so easy you can make anything you want after you know the basics.

You Need:

1: yellow strip of paper of paper 1/4 x 6 inches long
1: white strip of paper 1x9 inches ling with fringe cut into the first 3/4 inch of it.
2: green strips of paper 1/4 x 8 inch 
glue or tape
a paper quilling tool is optional.  I used one but you can make this flower with out it.

Now it's time for the easy part, making the flower.

paper quilling tool
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1) Tightly roll the yellow strip around a small round item.  I used our quilling tool.  When done use a small bit of adhesive to secure it to its self.

paper quilling a flower
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2) Attach the white fringed paper to your yellow one and roll it tightly also.  Then secure it to its self.

paper quilling flower
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3) Take the paper off the tool you had it on and fold down all your fringe to reveal the petals of your flower.  I didn't like how much space was in between mine.  The solution was easy I took scissors and cut the flower smaller.  I ended up with a flower that is 1 inch across instead of 1 1/2.

paper quilling flower with leafs
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4) Roll a green strip up and allow it to unwind until you get a loose circle.  Glue the outside edge of the strip to itself.  Do the the same thing with the other green strip.

5) On the side farthest away from where you used the glue take your  fingers and pinch the circle.  Just like that you have a leaf.  Now make your other leaf.

6) Glue the round sides of the leaf to the bottom of your flower and your done.

If you have never tried paper quilling before try it.  It's a lot of fun and you can make endless accessories for your scrapbook layouts and cards.

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