Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Make an Artificial Christmas Wreath

Artificial Christmas Wreath
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It's the holidays so I'm taking a few posts to talk about a Christmas crafts that aren't necessarily scrapbook related.

Yesterday I wrote about the possibility that I would soon get Susy to make a video showing how she wraps her presents.

Today, I'm going to tell you how we made our Christmas wreath in 20 minutes and for only $20.

Step 1: Go to a Craft store that is having a sale on Christmas craft supplies.  We got what we needed for 40% off at  local craft store.

Step 2: Think about what color your door is.  Ours is brown and we thought that green would go well with it.  I read when writing this post that blue is actually the complimentary color of brown, but I think the green looks very good.

Step 3:  While your at the store pick up embellishments that go with your color scheme.  Try sticking them in your wreath and see what looks good.

Step 4:  You most likely have a cart full of lovely decorations to add to your wreath now.  It's time to have what Susy and I call a drop party.  Start sticking it all into your wreath.  After all you can only put so much of it before the whole thing looks crowded.  Pick what you think looks best together and get rid of what doesn't fit.

Step 5:  After purchasing the items and taking them home just add them to your wreath and attack them with floral wire.

That's it your done!

If you found this tutorial helpful please comment.

* the bow is not neon colored like it looks in the photo*

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  1. That's a beautiful holiday wreath, and thanks for telling us how to make that.