Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Semi-homemade Christmas Angel Tree Topper

angel tree topper
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Around 6 years ago while celebrating one of our very first Christmases together Susy and I both wanted a beautiful angel to top our tree.

I'm sure many loyal readers of our blog know that at the time we obviously didn't have the money to run out and spend a ton of money buying the kind of angel we would want.

We searched high and low but with no luck at all.  Every time we found an angel in our budget there was something wrong with it.  However, we often spoke of an angel that looked a like the one in the picture to the right.

We both loved the dress and the porcelain face and hands of the angel.  The $10 price tag didn't hurt either.  However, it had some of the ugliest wings we had ever seen.

homemade angel wings
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Then we came up with the obvious solution.  We bought the angle and tore her wings off.  I know it sounds like a violent thing to do to an angeln but we had good intentions.  We went to the craft store and got a $2 pack of feathers.  Next we took construction paper and cut it into the shape of wings.  Then it was just a simple matter of gluing the feathers to the paper wings and the paper wings to the angel.  years later it's still our tree topper and I honestly haven't seen one for sale I like more.

Christmas Tree
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