Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paper Quilling a Poinsettia

flower punch
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paper quilling a flower
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I recently made my first ever poinsettia.  The process was very similar to paper quilling which I've done a lot of over the years, but in some ways very different.  I'm writing this to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.

It all started with a punch.  I've had my eye on this flower punch for a long time but it wasn't until Susy and I found it for $4 that we decided to get it.  The instructions with the punch made it sound easy.  Just twirl the flower together bend down the petals and like magic you have a beautiful flower.  Well at least that's how I read it.  It wasn't that easy, but it was fun.

1) I taped the two borders with the petals on them end to end.

2) I inked the paper to give it a nice reddish pink color.

3) It was time to twirl the paper up.  First I tried a paper quilling tool. It was far to small and the petals in the center wouldn't fold down.  Next I tried a pen.  The circumference was all wrong and I ended up with all the petals on two sides of the flower.  Finally, I tried the handle of the paper quilling tool and it worked perfectly.

4) I folded down all the petals and bent them to give them a nice curved look.
a finished paper quilling flower
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5) I embossed a small bit of yellow paper, and inked the raised bits.

poinsettia leafs
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6) I cut out a small messed up looking circle because poinsettias do not have perfect little round centers.

7)  I folded a piece of green cardstock and cut out the leaves.  I wanted the fold in them to give them extra dimension.

8) I used light green ink and swept it out from the center of each leaf to give added dimension and drew in leaf veins with a scrapbooking colored pencil.

9) Finally, I just placed the leafs under the flower and and put the center on the flower using a pop dot.
finished paper quilling poinsettia
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It all sounds harder then it really was.  If you have this whole punch I encourage you to try and make this poinsettia.  I would love to know how yours turns out for you.

In the near future I will show you how to make the traditional paper quilling flower that I usually make.

It's super easy and very cute.