Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scrapbook Savant

A big part of having a blog is visiting other blogs.

Russian building
A big thanks to Ed Yourdon of Flickr for the photo
It is an endless quest for new inspiration and followers that leads me around the web reading countless scrapbook blogs.  It was on these travels that I found the most amazing scrapbooker I have ever seen.  Here is will your jaw will drop though.  He's only 12!

In the over 100 post I've made I have never told you to visit anyone's blog.  That changes today  You have to check this blog out!

The blogs in Russian, and I wouldn't copy any of his pictures to show you with out permission but here is a link to the blog and a cool post on it.


a link to a very cool post in the blog

I translated his profile as best I could:

To me of 12 years, soon year as I have taken a great interest скрапбукингом(scrapbooking?). Now I understand, that such hobby... Ideas climb in a head constantly, more often - at lessons, and at night too is removed. It would be desirable so much all to make! Especially любдю complex forms and винтаж.

I find this kid completely amazing and inspirational.

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