Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Disappearance of Scrapbookers Part 1

a foggy field with trees
Thanks to Uberto of flickr for the photo
Over the past few years more and more people have stopped scrapbooking.  It seems they just wander off into the fog and never return.  People go out looking for them but few are ever found and no one has been able to figure out why they leave scrapbooking.

This is not only bad for craft businesses, but bad for all scrapbookers.  It wouldn't shock me if I had a reader or two tell me over the past few years they saw a favorite craft store or brand just disappear. 

The obvious questions are why have people stopped scrapbooking and how does the creative business bring crafters back to the scrapbook table.

First let's talk about where all the scrapbookers have gone.

At first no one knew where they all went.  Many scrapbook stores blamed a poor economy.  The economy after all is an easy excuse that takes the blame off store owners.  However even is the economy improves more and  more former scrapbookers simply stop scrapbooking.  Hobbies like knitting have seen significant growth so why is scapbooking still on the decline?

Others is I noted in a previous blog post have said that scrapbook brands are out of touch with young people and that they are not doing what is necessary to attract young buyers.  To some degree I'm sure this is true.  However, there are many scrapbook brands that I feel do appeal to younger scrapbookers like Pink Paislee, Sassafras, and Lawn Fawn

A resent study of whats happening to all the scrapbookers found a new problem.  The economy is no longer so bad that people can not afford to scrapbook.  The problem is they can't afford to do the things people scrapbook about.

For example, people often scrapbook special occasions like babies, weddings, and vacations.  These things are still not being done near is often because of the economy.

Some say that those who got hit hardest may never again spend money on things like vacations.  Does this mean they will never again scrapbook?

In tomorrows post I will tell you how the craft industry is trying to bring these crafters back to the scrapbook table.

Information for this blog post came from the Dec. 2012 issue of Creative Retailer and my own personal knowledge.


  1. I believe that scrapbooking is still on the rise in South Africa...maybe because we started later. It is a very expensive hobby here all things have to be imported.

  2. I think the US is actually one of the cheapest places to scrapbook.

    The first time we shipped an order from our store to Australia I was shocked. Why would anyone spend so much on shipping? Then I did a little research on Australia prices and realized that even with shipping our supplies were cheaper then they would have been to buy in Australia.

    We have even shipped many orders to Canada where for some reason scrapbook supplies cost a lot more then the US.

    We have never sold to anyone in India, but I am often contacted by Indian people who say there are just no supplies of any kind to be found there. I've even been asked about shipping from a Chinese person who wanted supplies and couldn't find them.

    I didn't know it was expensive to scrapbook in South Africa, but it doesn't surprise me. Your work is always so beautiful Lynette! I hope that your blog is helping you pay for some of your supplies.