Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trash to Treasure Scrapbook Supplies

Echo Park Charming Collection cover paper
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They say growing up with out much changes you.  That it makes you look for the treasure in what some might call trash.  In my case this turned out to be true.

Yesterday I showed you a lovely layout we made with papers from the Echo Park Charming Collection.

Susy received this paper collection from a friend for Christmas.  We both loved all the papers, but I couldn't believe it when she was ready to toss the cover paper.  It was full of so many cute things.  I told her just let me cut it up and see if you like the results.

Echo Park Charming Collection cover paper cut outs
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I wasn't able to salvage every single scrap of paper in the cover paper, but I'm very happy with what I did get.

36 great scrapbook items from one sheet of paper that most would throw away.

Echo Park Charming Collection borders
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That's 20 small borders for items like photos or tags.
mini scrapbook papers
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3 super cute 2x2 versions of scrapbook papers that would look on a crop party layout or any other scrapbooking related layout.  I've never seen  scrapbook papers like this sold is accessories but I love the idea.
scrapbook tag titles
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5 great layout, tag or card titles.  My favorite in this bunch is actually the "This and That" title.  Strangely enough This and That was the title of the collection and can't be found is a title anywhere but on the cover sheet.
Echo Park Charming Collection accessories
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9 wonderful accessories that are sure to stand out in future layouts.

The take home message is next time your ready to toss something ask yourself could I use this to scrapbook?

You will find that your scrapbook dollar goes a lot farther.

I can't end this post with out a little blatant self promotion.  Susy and I founded the Everything 4 Scrapbooking store with two goal get great scrapbook supplies to all of America and lower the cost that scrapbook supplies cost.  If you haven't checked out our store yet stop by you will be shocked by our extremely low prices.

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  1. Hmm I'm off to check out my packaging.Thanks for the cute ideas.