Saturday, December 22, 2012

Waste Not Want Not

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The other day I was doing laundry and I came across a pair of my shorts with tear in it.  There was no way to fix it.  What did I do?  I cut off the buttons of course.  That's 7 buttons that would have gone into the trash and instead will end up in our scrapbook layouts.

OK enough about my shorts here's a different example.
scrapbook layout
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In yesterdays post I showed you a layout.  It's a cute layout, but now lets look at the back of the paper.

waste not want not
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Do you see the big missing part that we covered with a photo?  That happens a lot in our layouts.  We will have a paper that we cut a piece out of we simply cover that spot with a photo or accessory.

In the case of yesterdays layout, the part that was cut out is actually the same title that you see at the top of this layout.  We simply cut it out, put it on pop dots, and relocated it to the top of the paper.

What are some creative ways you have come up with stretch your scrapbook supplies?

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