Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Day Scrapbook Layout

First Day scrapbook layout
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Can you say layers?  This scrapbook layout is just covered in layers.  The paper we used for the base is printed to look like 4 papers layered ontop of each other.  In the thickest spot this layout is 9 layers thick incluiding chipboard.

I run the web store and blog  full time.  Susy on the other hand helps out with the store some during her free time, but has a full time job.

layered scrapbook layout
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This layout is from a moment I was very proud of Susy.  It's from her first day after she got a promotion at her job and became a manager of over 20 people.

The tags including a to do list and a label that reads "it always seems impossible until it is done!"

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  1. What a great layout!!! Love all the layers!

    P.S. Tell Susie she has a new friend and that I said hello!